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Care abroad. Low cost, English speaking and tax free

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There is some guidance on the BritExPats site of the potential IHT problem , a site I know well from days of old.

http://www.expertsforexpats.com/expat-t ... tance-tax/

Jenny's quite right on two fronts :

1. Tax reduction schemes fly in the face of the " Alleged " crack down on UK tax avoidance.

2. It needs a clear decision in a Law case , decided by the highest court , to say what's legal and what's not legal. Until then , there is an artifical nature surrounding all schemes to lessen the potential tax burden.

All taxation arrangements with the rest of the world also in the melting point thanks to Brexit. Wide field to choose from for anyone wanting to place money on what will remain the same , and what will change.

Given what's at stake , I would envisage a green light on the basis of " We " are saving money , let's sort out any difficulties later.

Another factor is both a political and economic one .... oil !

... a foul black coloured liquid that has dominated Western Government's thinking / planning for just under a century.

Logic tends to fly out the window whenever that substance is mentioned , even at the cost of hardship for the native citizens of the country supplying oil.

Personally , I would requisition the Isle of Wight , assist fully in re-allocating the natives , and build a gigantic retirement complex with all services therein freely available to the residents beyond a notional cost to cover the outgoings.

At least , any retired trade unionist can see out their final days , enjoy an occasional tipple , and not have the fear of being caught , and subsequently hanged , for that pleasure ?

Having said that , a relative in the North may have to spend more than the cost of a flight to Bahrain just to visit his / her relation if using what passes for British Rail today.
A qualified nurse will cost around GBP 600 per month here. Non-qualified help could be as low as GBP 300 per month. Labour costs would be the major driver behind offering a similar service at a materially lower cost.

As for the 'troubles', it affects the police who sometimes have to clear away the weekend protest bonfires but not the expats in my experience in 4 years here. I have never felt threatened. Most of the Shia majority (the rulers are Sunni) are very happy their revolution in the Arab Spring failed. They can see what a successful revolution has done in Syria, Libya, Egypt etc.

Living in Bahrain is not a tax reduction scheme. There is no tax here. Not paying tax in the UK is trickier. One needs to lose UK tax residence, but this can be achieved by following the quite complex rules. If you live away from the UK for long enough, de-register from your GP, move your will from the UK and do not have property in the UK, you will definitely escape the net.
Thanks Matthew for the further information on a few of the points / concerns raised.

Another few for you ... entry requirements.

Bahrain Government Visa Guide :


Assume a retired pensioner whose sole income is the standard UK pension ... GBP 119.30 per week .. tack on a few extras and call it GBP 130 per week,

No assets beyond an old Post Office savings account of , say , GBP 500. Typical of his generation , keeping a few bob aside for his funeral.

Currently funded by his LA in a retiremnt home.

Would he be eligible for permanent resident care ?

If so , and based on his resources , what would happen if 9 out of evey 10 who apply have around the same level of income / assets ?

No problem with obtaining a Visa ... life expectancy , say 10 years ?

BritExPat guide to healthcare in Bahrain.

http://www.expatarrivals.com/bahrain/he ... in-bahrain

Medication costs ... assume 5 different daily prescriptions free on the NHS in the UK .... in Bahrain ?

Bear in mind the problems of the current freezing of his Government Pension as soon as he is declared a non resident. This may or may not change with the forthcoming Brexit negotiations. As each month passes , his income will buy less even with modest inflation.

Further problem would be the potential of a fall in the value of the GBP against the BHD. Could be disastrous if the inital calculations show that his income just abouts cover the expected outgoings.

In which event , would he be returned to the UK if no one is able to fund the shortfall ?

The Expat Focus web site seems to suggest that said pensioner , and hundreds of thousands like him , would not qualify for " Retiring " in Bahrain ... BHD 40,000 / GBP 85,900 mentioned as the minimum sit down money even before he placed his first bet.

http://www.expatfocus.com/expatriate-ba ... g-pensions

Correct ?

If not , how does our pensioner get round this obstacle ? Or , is this a case of one is eligible if the reddies are available ?

Also , mention of a previous stint of 15 years in the Gulf States ?

Another obstacle ?

If it is a case of the ability to pay , the last thing the Care Home System wants is for their wealthiest residents to be creamed off , leaving them with loss making LA funded residents. Within months , the private care home sector would be , for all intents and purposes , non existent.

Further food for thought ?
On a lighter note and not meaning to be too flippant. I could see myself at a ripe old age just sailing around the world on a non stop cruise. Perhaps the government could refurbish some old liners and turn them into floating care homes. Any takers?
Given half a chance . good old fashioned coffin ships , full of LA funded residents , twice the normal capacity on board.

Insured beforehand ... of course. Ensure high percentages of risk are sold to those Synicates wherein certain Names have caused offence in the past as a lesson.

Result ?

A couple of thousand " Undesirables " less in one tragic accident plus a profit on the insurance policy less the premium. Tip off their friends in the City to sell insurance company short ... thus ensuring they do not loose out on the feeding frenzy ?

A " Win / Win " for the Government ?

Time to resurrect the White Star Line ?

Can't just leave it to a harsh winter to reduce their numbers ... can we ?

Applications under the Government Apprentice Scheme for carpenters go through the roof.

After all , someone has to make the coffins .... the public aren't quite ready for the return of pauper lime pits ... at least not to after we win the next election ?
Visas would not be an issue here. I would partner with a well known local family. The visa system is to stop undesirables entering into the country or limiting people coming in to work outside of the system. The Bahrain govt would not have a problem issuing visas to retirees from the UK coming to live in a care facility built here for that purpose.

The NHS point is a good one. I wonder how much the care industry relies on the NHS to reduce the medical costs. Here there would be no free healthcare for expats. I must investigate this further.
Thanks Matthew.

In due course , let us know how the numbers pan out , especially for those with incomes around GBP 150 per week and assets worth a maximum of GBP 1,000.

In the UK , such care would be funded by the LAs. In Bahrain , who would fund it bearing in mind the income of the person needing care ? This is one of the root causes of why social care is close to total meltdown in the UK.

NHS ... medical and allied social care free at the point of delivery.

Social care ... depends on one's ability to pay , LAs fund those who cannot pay , or contribute towards the total costs.

Entry requirements ... laid down by the Bahrain Government , our sample elderly person would not qualify and yet , no problem ?

Conclusion ?

If private health care providers cannot make money without creaming off those patients who can pay , how can someone make money if they have say , a facility with 30 residents , each one previously funded by the LAs , now based in Bahrain.

Are you expecting the UK LAs to continue that funding even though the recipents will be in Bahrain ?

If not , who will pay for their care ?

By all means create a business plan with costs down to the last BHD.

On the income side , where is the source if previously funded LA citizens are admitted ... they haven't the means to pay ?

Putting my former banker's hat on , I cannot see how such a scheme would be feasible unless we are talking ONLY of residents able to pay ?

In which case , that would only makes things worse for the rest of us in the UK.
Maxwell, I believe it is already possible to buy 'apartments' on dedicated cruise ships that one can virtually live in all year round as it cruises around. It's doubtless prohibitively expensive at the moment, but in a way it's a brilliant notion, having a Care Home Ship that meanders around, a little 'island' that can head to warmer climes in UK winters, etc. Maybe just mooring somewhere to save on fuel and marine pollution? Would presumably be quite nice for the staff as well! And because of that, staff shortages might not be such an issue?? I mean, if you're going to be a poorly-paid careworker it might be nice to be working on a cruise ship in a warm climate than in rainy bleak Bootle (or wherever!) (plus having facilities on board for staff such as pool/gym/sundeck/shoreleave, etc etc)

(PS - Family member carers might like it too of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Care Home ship ... based on one's ability to pay ?

Worksop ... we have a few canal barges moored up. One would need a gas mask to cruise between locks as some of the old mines still cough a little even after 25 years or so and will continue to do so well into the next century.

Light a cigarette in the wrong place and you would experience an instant , traditional , Viking funeral !

Historically , it was know for pauper miners to be buried in disused workings by simply collapsing the ceiling. Saved many a miners' widow the worry of raising enough monies to bury her male relation , sometime boys as young as 8 , in a pauper's grave.

Times may have changed but , for some , not by very much.

Certainly one for our local LA to explore .... ?
Hmm, all getting a little close to the oldie prison Hulks. Put them on a ship and cast them off...