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Up until last year I was always named as the 2nd driver on hubbys car insurance. Once he stopped driving I had to get cover in my own name. It took some doing but eventually they transferred his no claims bonus to me and I stayed with same company this last year.
It is now up for renewal and premium quoted is really high.

Can anyone advise of companies you use, wherein you feel good value for money please?

Hi Rosemary
As you may know I don't drive.
However before Hubby was ill he used a company called Bewiser.
0333 999 7588.
They seemed very good. I remember him being pleased anyway!
Not promising but worth a try.
They do lady car insurance too.
Do hope you find something reasonable. Everything is such a hassle these days.
Rosemary - I've been using those comparison websites for a few years now and it's very easy to switch provider each year. I've found it usually pays to do so, except last time for some reason the premium didn't go up much. Or was that the home insurance? I may be confusing the two. Anyway, whenever car or home insurance comes up for renewal, I always check on to see if there are better deals elsewhere, though I normally stick with companies that I've heard of! A couple of years ago I found a deal with one well known insurer for my home insurance - if you stayed with them for a year, they offered £150 in M&S vouchers! So, after a month they effectively returned 50% of my premium to me. That was a particularly good deal. One thing I haven't got round to tackling yet is my home phone/broadband. That's my next challenge!
Definitely use the comparison sites, print off the best offers from each then go back to original company and ask them the match the cheapest. If they don't then move companies.

We just got one car reduced by £350 and the other by £250
You do need to check the small print with these comparison sites and I find they never really compare like with like in one way or another.
I tried to take on Dad's insurance at Aviva when I took over his car. I forget the exact figures but in round terms the premium went up from aprox 250 to 1200 :shock: I've been driving for over 30 years with full no claims so goodness knows why.
I would recommend LV - Liverpool Victoria. I insured with them and now have a multi car discount plus full no claims on both cars.
Personally I've found the Co-Op insurance to be very good :)

They did try to up my premiums when I told them about being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes - but when I explained to the young girl on the phone that I didn't have to even tell the DVLA about being type 2 they relented and offered me a premium that was only a £1 or £2 higher than the previous year. They've been consistently lower than any other insurance company I've approached - still well under £400 for full comprehensive cover with replacement car if/when required.
Thanks everyone. Still a work in progress as busy with meetings re hubby and our R. Will keep you updated when I can

I was insured with LV when the car I was driving was hit head on by an out of control car, my life changed forever. LV were absolutely awful, gave me a solicitor 300 miles away who never once came to see me at home. I lost about £100,000 as a result.
Oh that's terrible BB. Not very reassuring- how many years ago was that?
2006. The solicitor appointed by LV was based in Sheffield, I live near Southampton. He was seldom available on the phone, spent ages to respond, and didn't believe me when I said my knees were so painful I could hardly walk. He wanted me to travel to their southern office, in Birmingham, by train for a meeting, at a time when I could hardly walk across my kitchen. He was annoyed when I said I couldn't possibly make that journey.
If I rang the Bournemouth office of LV I was told Bristol were dealing with it, and vice versa.
My (late husban'ds) Range Rover was written off, I was offered a pittance to start with, it took 6 months of haggling, with the help of friends in the motor trade, to get anywhere near the true value. They even claimed they had to pay 6 months storage for the damaged vehicle, but it had been in my garden all the time!
My son mends Land Rovers for a living and is an enthusiast with about 8 of his own, in my garden. He salvaged the RR engine and put it into a 1960 Land Rover my husband bought in 1976 which looks scruffy but is a Flying Machine.
I made a series of formal complaints to LV, and requested that my case be transferred to a solicitor local to me. Refused. I wouldn't recommend LV to anyone.
I then insured with the NFU. When my Discovery was damaged several years later by a hit and run driver, they were great, I got a quote for repair from their approved repairers, and it was done well, quickly, with the minimum of fuss. Definitely recommend the NFU.