Something to look forward to?

Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
duh - no thank you :shock:
Yes I do!! Long for some sea air. However I get it. Lol . Not from a nursing home though.
Hubby and myself had a ride on one in the West end. From hotel to theatre. As we were both not at our slimmest, I felt rather sorry for the cyclist.
Thank you Anne.You have brought a nice memory back. I struggle to find them at the moment.
There was a similar report form somewhere in Scotland recently where a young volunteer took them out in his rickshaw
just another form of enrichment activity?
And far, far better than having to pedal yourself !!
Oh yes please, as long as I'm on the seat and not the one pedalling!!!

Oh, I am definitely on the seat, Melly. Other people can do all the work :D