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call centres

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call centres are bad enough with the cold calling , or the computers that dial a number and no one is there when you answer ... they are simply finding out when someone is home for these call centres to call.

Well i pick up the phone today , a guy who could barely string a sentence together speaks.

Call centre -Hello am i talk with Mr ...... ,

ME - i reply with listen if your calling about PPI get lost. it is all over the news that these companies are fake.

Call centre - No Mrs ...... , sorry but do i sound like a woman to you . yes mr i not call for PPI . i am calling in UK today for shopping questions yes , this will take 2 mins.

i hung up.

phone rings 5 mins later ,

ME - i pick up and say hello , hello i then shout hello.
i get the same man as before.

Call centre - "" *hrist mr i am here yes , i call back i lost phone connection yes .

ME - NO i hung up on you stop bloody calling .
he comes back with i call you if i like ha ha .

i hung up . he continued to call the house a further 3 times despite my best efforts to put him off.

it really is about time something was done about these non EU call centres.
I've given up being polite to these people. You could always keep a whistle by the phone especially for them! What I really hate is when I phone somewhere and they can't even pronounce my Christian name properly. If it's an Indian call centre, apparently they now adopt English sounding Christian names. I used to be tolerant but now, if their English is poor, I just ask to speak to their supervisor as I can't understand their accent. Sometimes when I've done this, I've then been transferred back to the UK!
i tried the whistle method on the guy followed by a few choice words , but 7 mins later he was back on the phone laughing saying "" i phone back again "".
yeah i once had a woman from India saying her name is David lol.......... i could not help but laugh at her saying i doubt that very much.

also had the same person call for 3 days at the same time , but his name changed each time he called Image . first he was called Paul , 2nd day James and 3rd day he was called Ben. and yep it was the same guy as he would start by saying "" i called yesterday for talk yes , but you not answer questions. ""
When I get a number I don't recognise I tap it into www.whocallsme.com and it brings up who it is and lots of people complaining about them, its usually cold calling by foreign companies, if its a kosher number I will usually ring back or wait till they call again and I will answer it. I hate foreign call centres with a passion!
Thanks Nilla, never knew about Who Calls me. Good tip.
thing is the who calls me is far from fool proof.
i do not have a phone that displays numbers , even though they are supposed to.
but i get the number if available on 1471 and then google it . i went to Who calls , entered the number and the information given was it was supposedly a company in Glasgow or Edinburgh or London or Wales ,, well every where in the UK basically.

i spoke with a friend who informed me that some companies are using illegally bought business numbers that are genuine so they cant be traced and people end up complaining to a legit business who has never called them.

like several years ago we had 1 call centre from India who called the house every day once a day for a week ,, then it increased to twice a day every day.
it got to the extent he would call 6 - 7 times a day right up till 11pm every day.
we asked BT to step in and help , if they could possibly block that number and they told us "" if you dont have the number we dont have the number so we cant block it "" .

thankfully the guy eventually quit .
BT have given incorrect advice. They have a service called "Choose to Refuse", when I needed it, it cost about £2 per month, but that was a while ago. Even if the number is withheld, it works. If someone rings you that you don't want calling you, all you do is type in a 4 digit number on your keypad, and the number is barred. Just like that. Then if they try to ring you again, they get a message telling them they are barred. I believe that if they continue to ring, it is deemed to be a nuisance, against the telephone usage regulations (not the right name, but you get the idea) and then the police can be involved I think.
from talking to people etc and watching some programs on TV about call centres .
Nothing can be done about call centres calling from outside of the EU as they are not regulated.
If you are contacted from call centres within the EU then you can take legal action against them and they can face a hefty fine ( forget the exact figure ) .
and registering with that company that puts your number on a list of do not contact for call centres , if they call you then they are in trouble.
i did register with them and all calls stopped apart from the non EU call centres .

mum says she seen something the other day on TV saying the government etc are wanting something done about non UK call centres.
The landline goes to voicemail and when I hear who is leaving a message I can pick it up and speak so don`t have to listen to stupid call centres. They have now started calling the mobiles with PPI, insurance claims etc., so when I get that kind of call I just say "I bought this phone at a boot sale last week and do not appreciate you calling it....Don`t do it again". So far no second calls.xx