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Buy your own B12, Governement Guidelines? - Carers UK Forum

Buy your own B12, Governement Guidelines?

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Hi to all Carers here

My Son should have had a B12 injection today and when he phoned to confirm his appointment and ask about the procedure, re wait in car until nurse comes out for you re virus precautions. It was explained to my Son that he would have to use supplements instead of a B12 injection?! The appointment had been cancelled without our knowledge!

He phoned the chemist and these supplements are £17 an enormous amount for someone with so many ailments who can't work! The chemist explained to ask for a prescription but when my Son enquired they explained that the Dr's can't prescribe supplements due to government guidelines.

He's been having B12 injections for years and without them he becomes unwell! So this is not just any supplement it really is a must.

I called the Drs and I explained that he needed a prescription because the cost of this supplement was £17 for 50 tablets so not even 2 months, only for the receptionist to say I'm sorry but it's government guidelines!?

If this is government guidelines, then once again it shows how out of touch these people really are! They may be able to afford £17 but how many people can't!
Who cancelled the injections? A nurse, or a doctor?

You need to speak to the doctor.
Hi bowlingbun

I had a call from a member of admin staff at Dr's surgery yesterday to explain to me that my Son does not have pernicious anaemia; it's nowhere in his records?
Really I said, he's been having injections since the age of approx 19, he's now 42? Yes well he has B12 deficiency she said!?
I was with my Son at a consultation of which he's had many, when a gastroenterologist explained that my Son's bowel cannot absorb B12 due to a lack cells that cannot make the intrinsic factor!? So where is this information?
I explained that I wanted to speak with a Dr as a matter of urgency but in a sarcastic voice she said, "It's not an emergency and Drs next appointment is the 6th of May!
I cannot tell you how infuriated I was!
I ask who had made the decision to cancel the B12 apt and she said a certain Dr so I said pass him a message please; tell him that if anything happens to my Son I will hold him fully responsible!
Within 5 minutes this Dr phoned me and he also said my Son does not have a B12 pernicious anaemia, and it was due to poor diet when he was young as he had CVS?!
I explained al that I had to the admin assistant.
He said he would prescribe a tablet that is the same medication that is injected and hopefully this will do the same!
He went on to say that he was following government guidelines re covid and I made clear that I was fully aware of the government guidelines and was following them!
They are only giving a minority of injections to people who have neurological problems caused by the lack of B12 at present.
So there it is for now anyway!
Why are the people who are supposed to help and support us so difficult.
I felt humiliated and insulted by the attitude of this admin assistant; it was disgraceful!
Thanks for your response it really is very much appreciated.
Kind regards


Hi Honey Badger

Thanks so much for this link.
I contacted them yesterday and they sent me an e-mail.
Thanks for your reply, it's very much appreciated.
Kind regards
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