hello everyone

well today i have signed up to carers UK to talk and share experiences and to feel not alone in this world. I have never done this before so please all bear with me as this is my first time. well being carer is very stressful and yes very demanding job i have to do everything all off my own back (washing,cooking,cleaning,shopping,driving,etc...) as my mum have been forgetting important day to day stuff and going back in the past due to her illness my mother has a brain tumor i try to make my mum conformable everyday and every hour but it does take it toll on me i seem to feel down at the end of everyday and very tired. but overall it has gain me mega amount Independence and experience and knowing that my mum is getting the care that she deserves well when i see other people doing this line of work i really have a lot of respect.

please reply with your story of being a carer and any tips that would be usefull i mean anything it would mean the world to me Image