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understanding doctor

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Myself and T.E he is the person I care for just got back from his doctor. I was very optimistic as we was called in about a form the doctor needed to fill in from the occupational therapist. We are push for a bungalow with shower. We sat down and his doctor explained the form he needed to fill in and asked us what he wanted. as T.E cant talk very well as he as lost his voice the doctor asked me to explain and started to ask me the questions I explained how awkward it is to get T.E in the bath and straight away the doctor said well he needs a shower fitted for safety to you and T.E. Then I explain how difficult it is for T.E to get to the car and as he lives at the top of a very steep hill, the doctor then replied and said yes I know exactly where his flat is though T.E doctor has never done an home visit to him. He said that T.E needs a bit of independence and said what he needs is a 1 lever place with shower room and a place to park the car close to the front door. He then said I will help you all I can to get the council to put you in the right convenient housing which will give T.E a little bit of independence. I also told him we have re-applied to get T.E DVL sorted as he is on just low rate care. His so he should be hearing from them in the near future. He replied T.E should be on high rate care and high rate mobility and told me not to worry as he will do all in his power to get this for him . Then he asked me how I was coping seeing that this isn't my doctor I thought it was nice of him to ask. I replied I am doing he aid if you got any worries about T.E then don't hesitate to ring me anytime and make sure you do not over exert yourself. I said I wont and thank you. He said see you at T.E next appointment bye for now. I know its not much but its just nice to know T.E as a very helpful and understanding doctor and don't want you out the surgery in 5 minutes. Plus it made me feel good in myself knowing that his doctor cares Image
It makes such a difference to have a good GP, wish they were all like that !! Hope you'll soon get all the help you are entitled to x
It makes a huge difference. Image
I wish all doctors were like that.
having an understanding doctor makes all the difference Image Image
A doctor who really cares is worth his weight in gold. We are also very lucky with ours. Image