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Melly, I have read "her fearful Symmetry."Couldn't get into the "Time Traveller's Wife",but have now watched it on DVD and thoroughly enjoyed it, so it is on my wish list on the kindle.
I might look at "The Newsagent's Window,"as it looks as though you like the same type of books as me,but I haven't read that one. I read "Emma and I" and the sequel, years ago,can't remember the name of the sequel now but she has surgery and gets some of her sight back,sees her husband for the first time.
I must admit that I can't concentrate at the minute and keep getting interrupted when I read so I've resorted to reading trashy vampire/supernatural books Image

I've read both Time travellers wife and her fearful symmetry I enjoyed them both but I do think she good do with a good editor she has to many words in some places.

Read room to and met the author

I've got a massive pile of books to read but every time I go to the library I find more so I have to read them first. Image
If any of you liked the shardlake books by c j sansome ( a tudor detective really ) - i loved them and actually feel like a real person from my life is missing now i have finished them!

anyway someone pointed me in the direction of the books by rory clements - theyre about john shakespeare ( williams true real life brother) and he is an elizabethan sort of detective

there are 4 in the series and they start with 'martyr '

if you like reading about elizabethan days theyre brilliant

if youre into tudor times and you havent read c j sansoms shardlake books YOU MUST : )
babybyrd, JUST the sort of book my daughter would enjoy,I will let her know about these.Thank you.
Lazydaisy, the book is miles better than the film...

I have the full set of the Emma books from about 20 years ago! Might reread them all.

Then charity shop/library here I come ... (it's the school hols and until S breaks up mid Aug I will be able to read a bit more. YIPPEE!!!

Booksey getting interrupted when reading Image

I have been reading the books that The Game of Thrones has been taken from. Took Ian Rankins latest (the Impossible Dead ) with me on holiday and have War Horse next on the list
Image I love to get stuck into a good book, I am welcome for any books anyone can recomend to me.
Crocus - i just downloaded the first game of thrones book onto my kindle - cant wait to get into it - i love it when i have a series of books standing by
I do a lot of reading in the loo - just a few pages at a time, which helps if you're struggling with a book. We have 2 loos in our house, so that's 4 books on the go at a time. The current 4 are Michael Palin's New Europe, Michael Palin's Diaries, 1969-1979: The Python Years, The Ancient Sun Kingdoms of the Americas by Victor Wolfgang von Hagen and Greyfriars Bobby by Eleanor Atkinson. The first 3 are taking a while, although each is interesting in its own way, but I'm getting through Greyfriars Bobby reasonably quickly as it is such a lovely story. You can find out about Greyfriars Bobby if you Google him.

The other place I read is in bed just before I go to sleep. I used to do much more of this when I was growing up. As children we were not allowed to read in bed, but I would read until I heard my mother' s or my father's footsteps on the stairs and along the landing, at which point I would quickly stuff my book under my pillow and close my eyes to look as though I was asleep. Ahhh, happy memories!


I've been thinking I should read at least some of the classics I didn't bother with when I was younger. A lot of them are free online, so I've started reading Northanger Abbey by this means.