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I can't imagine that I am the only book reading carer on here. I know spare time is limited (or none existant) for many carers but do some people manage to grab some reading time? What are people reading?

I am reading a Bryant & May mystery by Christopher Fowler "Off the Rails" which is my bookclub book this month. Nothing special & a little lacking in realism in places.

I am also listening to (I listen to audio books & tapes while I work, do the ironing etc) "Burial of Ghosts" by Anne Cleeves. It started well but I am loosing interest at the moment. Hopefully it will pick up again.
Just finished reading "Following Atticus" - loved it, although it did have me in tears once or twice.

Tom Ryan's inspiring tale of how he and his miniature schnauzer companion, the "Little Buddha" Atticus M. Finch, attempted to scale all forty-eight of New Hampshire's four thousand foot White Mountains twice in the dead of winter. It is a story of love, loss, and the resilience of the human and animal spirit.

I love my ereader and am currently reading 6 or 7 books at the same time - I get bored just reading one. Got books out of the library and ended up not reading them - prefer to read on my reader.

Finished third volume of short stories by Somerset Maugham.I like short stories,like to go to sleep having finished the tale.About to start a collection of short horror stories by various authors. Image Image
I love books but if I start one I cant put it down so I tend to read magazines, I do have a couple of books waiting to be read over xmas, one is a true story about a woman with a drug/drink addict son which is really a stupid thing for me to read but I am curious.
I love books, got lots of true stories. i have 4 bookcases in my living room, although Zac filled one with his stuff, and my mum and aunt have borrowed some of my books.
Havnt read in a while as not had any new books, i go thr stages of reading constantly ( every evening ), or not at all for a couple of week. although i have to read something for half hour before i sleep/ just mags at the mo .
I have asked for books at xmas, if i dont get any i will go buy some more.
Need something new to read.
I read as much as possible I've alwas used it as a escape mechanism. I'm currently reading The Time travellers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. I didn't read it when it first came out because I try to avoid things that our over hyped. I read her second book Her fearful Symmetry with one of my readers groups when I was working and really enjoyed it. The Time travellers wife is starting to bore me a bit now but I will keep going to the end.

I'm always interested as to where and when other peple read. I read when I eat my breakfast (cos usually no one else is up) then anytime I have a spare 10-15mins. I always have a book with me when going to appointments etc. I also find I get through quite a lot when hubs is in A&E Image
Here you go Debra... Image

Thank you Bertie Bear, I shall look through that. How interesting that the other thread was also started by a Debra although spelt differently.

Michael - if you like short stories have you tried any of Barbara Erskine's? Some are mediocre but some are fantastic!

Booksey - I loved the Time Traveller's Wife - such an original concept. I didn't get bored but then I was racing through it at top speed as I loved it so much. However I have heard one or two people say the middle got boring but it picked up again. I also enjoyed Her Fearful Symmetry & got very caught up with the descriptions of Highgate Cemmetry - I quite fancy going there one day.

Right - I've finished my bookclub book for the month. Do I read "Therese Raquin" by Zola or "The Aspen Papers" by Henry James.......
Depends what sort of mood you're in Debra. I like Henry James but he can be pretty gloomy.

Just finished A Short History of Tractors in Ukranian by Marina Lewycka; darkly humorous and maybe a bit to close to home for those of us caring for elderly parents. Just about to start on The Bonesetter's Daughter by Amy Tan - anyone read it?

Recently joined http://bookmooch.com/ which is quite fun if you have books you want to get rid of. You list the books you want to get rid of, another book moocher sends you a request which you can either accept or decline. If you accept, you send the book to them and earn points which you can then use to request books from other people. Postage can get expensive though so I don't send to non-EU countries unless the book is hard to get. Grreat fun.