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Bl**dy Glasgow Council! - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Bl**dy Glasgow Council!

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Fingers crossed for you.
Great letter Eun. I am sure you will be successful. Did you send a copy to the fines section?
Good letter Eun, please let us know if/when you get a response.
Hi Eun

Yet another good letter written by you. I hope you get a good result from it. Glasgow City Council gave way to neighbours who objected to my father's disabled parking place in the street he lived in for 56 years!

I live Glasgow City Council full time. The experience you have had is just one example of the crass and stupid conduct of Glasgow City Council. I have files of stupid letters from Glasgow and the pity is that they dont even know how stupid they are.

Good luck

I became a cropper a couple of years back, like you Eun I had been parking in the same place but overnight someone put a sign up to say no parking for some reason or other, I cant remember what it was for, I got a ticket and collared the parking hitler and he showed me the sign, it was the size of a small envelope on a post so high up I coudnt even see to read it! I appealed and won! I hope they tear your parking ticket up.

Some of these parking hitlers don't have any sense at all, when Paul was trucking he felt his blood sugars drop suddenly so knew he had to take some Glucogel he pulled off at the services, but instead of going into the car park and risking going hypo and crashing the truck he just stopped on the slip road going in to take it, he got fined, I argued that one and won Image
Hope you get it sorted! good letter too! Fairness has to win over...doesn't it? x
Started to get a bit worried when we hadn't heard anything and were concerned that the fine might be doubled so we paid it by credit card over the phone today. 20 minutes later I got an email to say that the fine was cancelled! They are now going to send us a form to reclaim the money so a good result.

Council say that the introduction of these parking restrictions has nothing to do with them - its a direction from the Scottish Government.

Funny when it comes to lack of respite the Scottish Government blames the councils and yet here we have the Council blaming the Gov!

Nice result Eun. Image
Result Eun!! Image
Well done Eun, fingers crossed for a refund or you could always contact the bank and cancel the credit card payment?