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Bl**dy Glasgow Council!

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Rob is at Rachel House this week so we have a bit of freedom for a change. Mum had given us money for our wedding anniversary and I quite fancied a nice clock for the living room so we went into Glasgow to look for one. We parked in the same parking space we have always parked in for at least the last five years whenever we went into Glasgow and went off to look for a clock. Got back to the van and it had a parking ticket for 60 quid on it!! This is despite our showing my blue badge and my mobility scooter sitting in the back of the vehicle. We stopped a passing traffic warden and she says that Glasgow has now changed all the signs and disabled people are no longer allowed to park where they parked before and its to be only for the loading and unloading of delivery lorries and nothing else. Apparently these signs have been placed all over Glasgow. She said it would be pointless for us to appeal as we should have read the sign so we don't have any grounds for appeal. If we pay the fine now it will be 30 quid - if we appeal and lose it will be 60 pounds. Yet another way for the council to make money off the unsuspecting motorist. So be aware anybody who goes into Glasgow - make sure you read the signs! Its not as if we can park in a multi story car park - the van is too tall to fit in any of those so it looks as if we won't be able to go into Glasgow anymore. Robert has a meeting in the Grand Central Hotel (some muscular dystrophy thing) next month so I don't know where we will park.


One to take up with the local papers and local MP.
How ridiculous. Contact the council and ask them where they recommend disabled people park in Glasgow, there must be lots of disabled people who have a vehicle too high for the multi storey. Going to the papers and MP too is a good idea. Seems like we are always fighting for our/carees rights ...

I'd still appeal anyway, a good percentage of appeals are upheld. Was it the actual council or a private company? These wardens have a target to achieve in order to fund their posts so it's in her best interests to tell you not to appeal. Do it straight away while your still annoyed. Fingers crossed.
I'm sure we've all noticed this creeping end to free Blue Badge parking everywhere. Apart from obviously making a fuss and appealing, why not check with disabled groups in Glasgow - were they consulted, and if not, why not? Was the signage actually there and legible at driver eye-level?
Are you a member of Disabled Motoring UK? Only £20 a year, and they might well take it up with the Council for you, especially if others are complaining.
Definitely appeal. My Mum is a blue badge holder and on 2 occasions I have appealed and been successful.

First one was when we parked in a disabled space and put the badges etc on but the machine would not take several £1 coins I tried. I wrote a polite note out to that effect and left it on the dashboard. I still got a fine ticket. I appealed because I had done all I could to pay to park and pointed out that if I wanted to avoid paying I could have just pulled out of the carpark and parked on the road displaying the blue badge.

More recent one - I bought ticket but shoved it in my pocket Image as I was hurrying to get Mum into the shop and out of rain. Even though I had blue badge showing (plus clock) I didn't show my ticket. I appealed and provided the ticket number, time etc.
They do have on street disabled parking spaces on the street but they are one space behind the other in a line if you see what I mean and these are no use for our big van as we have to be able to get the tail lift down to get Robert and my scooter out and this can't be done if someone is parked behind us. Also they can fine you if your vehicle isn't parked between the lines and our van is so big it sticks out into the space behind/in front. I suppose we could stop in the road and simply cause an obstruction and risk our son's life with the traffic, and the get Rob sr to park with son and I out of the van but I am not willing to do that. I'm really worried that if we appeal and lose it will cost us double the amount. We were just going to pay the 30 pounds and write a letter to Glasgow City Council explaining that we can't park on the disabled spaces and we can't park in a multi storey and we can't come in on the train with Robert's ventilator and can't use a bus/taxi etc so what exactly do they expect us to do?

Sent this e mail off - what do you think?
Dear Mr D
I am writing to ask your advice. My husband and I visited Glasgow on the afternoon of Tuesday 27th August 2013. My husband drives a very large wheelchair adapted van with a tailgate lift because I am disabled and use a mobility scooter and our son is severely disabled and uses an electric powered wheelchair and a ventilator to breathe.

We parked our vehicle (with my Blue Badge showing on the dashboard) at the top of Hope Street opposite Watt Brothers which is where we always park when we visit Glasgow. Yesterday was the first time that we have been into Glasgow for around six months. When we returned to our vehicle after about 40 minutes, there was a parking ticket on the windscreen. Notice Number GP38913903

Glasgow has marked disabled spaces on the street but these are laid out one behind the other and this means that if we park in one of these we cannot get the tailgate lift down or up if someone parks behind us.

We cannot use a multi storey car park as our van is too tall to get in them.

I suppose that we could simply stop in the road and cause an obstruction in order for us to get out of the van but that would risk our lives and we are not willing to do that.

If we cannot park in the disabled spaces; we cannot park in a multi storey car park; we can't come in on the train with our son and all his ventilator equipment and we cannot use buses/taxis etc what exactly are we expected to do?

Was any consultation exercise or impact assessment undertaken before this change was introduced? I am certain that we cannot be the only disabled people to be adversely affected by its introduction.

I am really worried that if we appeal against this that the fine might cost us double the amount. We were totally unaware of these introduced changes and we have parked in that particular space for very many years without any problems so didn't think to look at the sign. Is there anything you can do for me regarding this fine? I was hoping that you might be able to reply swiftly as there is only 14 days to pay from the 27/08/13.

Good luck with that Eun, you put a good letter (email) together.
Best of luck - I agree that's a good email!