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Biscuits - What Are Your Favourites? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Biscuits - What Are Your Favourites?

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MMM - Fig rolls. A packet would never last long in our house. Well, you can't let them lose that fresh flavour when you first open the pack, can you? Image
I sat down last night and polished off a packet of honey and oat cookies - they were very nice Image
I love Griffins Gingernuts from New Zealand, they are hard and fantastic for dunking.
I can get them from an online shop here so whenever I fancy a real biscuit I order packets of them, pig out and then I am fine for months.
Home made are still the best though and often just throw in a batch just to enjoy the home cooking again though the waistline doesn't like it at all Image
You've just reminded me about Anzac biscuits. Made in Australia to raise funds for the Aussie equivalent of the British Legion, I believe. They are absolutely scrumptious. A few years ago Waitrose were selling them in a tin, made under licence in the UK. They've got coconut in them, which I love.
I used to make ANZAC biscuits for my kids but haven't had them in years, our ones (NZ) are made with corn flakes and are lovely - you have me thinking now that I should make some for ANZAC Day on April 25th - good thinking Batman lol
Kiwi - I like the sound of Anzac biccies.

My favorites are bourbon and dark chocolate digestives and good old plain digestives. McVities of course! Image
Chocolate digestives (dark chocolate) along with black coffee - yummy Image
Sussex!!!!! how can you NOT LIKE biscuits!!!! Image Image Image
I have 2 biccy tins in the kitchen and my own private secret biccy tin in my bedroom for dunking with my morning cuppa.
fave biccys have got to be digestive, rich tea creams, and Charles- I'm with you on the subject of fig rolls Image Image

love Phoebe xxxx
Nice one All.

Thank you so much for your contributions. Can't wait 'till this evening at my Riverside Pub where you are very welcome:

Wednesday 6pm on http://www.radiowey.co.uk

Now for a biscuit but which one?
Hi All

Thank you again for your wonderful biscuit contributions.
I ran out of Maryland Cookies so have been tucking into some Chocolate Hob Nobs!

I'm hoping that Saturdays 7pm - 8pm becomes a regular time for Carers and their families to meet. Maybe we ought to have a 'live' thread to chat - our Saturday Night Out In.
That would fit in with the repeat of my virtual Riverside Pub show. We could even set up teams for the pub quiz which I run on the show, anyway just a thought.
This week's show is on again:

Sat 7pm on www.radiowey.co.uk

Kind regards