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Biscuits - What Are Your Favourites? - Carers UK Forum

Biscuits - What Are Your Favourites?

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Hi All

This miserable weather has been causing me to get into old habits! I love eating biscuits! There, I've said it.

When it's cold and miserable I find myself wandering over to the biscuit jar. I have tried to cut down but I still do a few a night. The biscuits that I really like at the moment are the Maryland Chocolate Chip Cookies. The trouble is taking one, in one sitting, never seems quite enough so I take two and so it goes on!

But can I say they are my all time favourite biscuit? I'm not sure. You see they are small but for something with a little more taste it would have to be the Chocolate Digestive every time.

So what are your favourite biscuits and why?

Love to hear from you and we'll see which one is the Carers UK Forum's favourite biscuit on Wednesday at 6pm in my Riverside Pub on http://www.radiowey.co.uk

Best wishes
Can't stand anything with chocolate chips in favourite biscuit well it depends whether I am dipping it, dunking it, or just eating it, dipping it = malted milk biscuits
dunking it = ginger snaps eating it = shortbread
Rich tea fingers.
Garibaldi - love all the fruit Image
Image chocolate digestives with a cup of tea. Definitely after a day with 3 Aspergers boys it is my guilty pleasure xx
My favourites used to be some pink wafer biscuits with a coconut filling. No longer available sadly, but Mmmm they were scrummy. I love wafer biscuits generally, but seldom buy them as all the packet would soon be gone. I also like butter shortbread and Maryland Cookies. But best of all I like home made "Melting Moments" and Viennese fingers, however with equal quantities of butter and flour they're really too fattening to make any more sadly.
Probably Jaffa Cakes at the moment anyway, but love a chocolate digestive too. Jaffa cakes are the only biscuit no one else in my family like so leaves me free to eat them all Image Not at once right enough Ha Ha
Or these biccies I got in Germany. Leibnitz something or other; basically rich tea biccies with chocolate on too...YUMMY
I too love a chocolate digestive, I used to love visiting my nan when I was little and eating fig rolls Image