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It was my birthday yesterday - Carers UK Forum

It was my birthday yesterday

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It was my birthday yesterday was so emotional first one without my cousin and and my mother inlaw forgot not her fault because she has Alzheimer's broke my heart dad inlaw would not know either.
Sorry yesterday was emotional, Tracie.



Tracie, happy birthday for yesterday. I'm afraid many events can end up bitter/sweet, I'm 64 and it's an aspect of getting older I really don't like. However I know my relatives who have passed away would want me to enjoy myself. I have a lovely sister in law, not much older than me, but now in a secure home for those with dementia. She was the one who always remember Christmas and birthday cards, but sadly cannot even remember who her son is now.
Birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries and so on are always especially painful when we have lost someone, knowing they will never send us a card again.

My poor MIL with dementia never ever ever forgot a family birthday, especially her grandchildren's - my son faithfully received his birthday card exactly on his date, all his childhood, and she did the same with his cousins. Now she has no idea at all. It's so sad.

Perhaps, though, you can raise a glass - or a cuppa! - to 'Old Times', birthdays that were happier. After all, even more sadly perhaps, there are folk who have no good memories to look back at all. So having happy memories is to be valued, even if their loss now saddens us.

Kindest wishes - and if not exactly 'Happy' Birthday, at least 'Memories of Happy Birthdays'....

Happy Belated Birthday Tracie. Know how you feel, I bought my own Christmas presents from dad, wrapped them and wrote the labels for him- otherwise Christmas wouldn't happen, just keep busy and try not to dwell on it.
Belated happy birthday wishes Tracie. Me too re bittersweet. Last year in Jan hubby remembered our wedding anniversary. I sobbed and sobbed, became he made me a child-like card and heart shaped trinket box. In February, he had no idea it was my birthday. I was almost relieved.
So have a belated goodie of some sort and remember the good times. X