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birds not in the garden

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Scally, I think you could be right. We have masses of Daddy Long Legs at certain times of the year, never realised that there was a connection, so thanks for that.
Happy Day: first of Spring: Wet woods, wet dog, waterfalls in spate: spotted two oystercatchers and a pied wagtail, good day.
The pied wagtail is back by the pond: my dog frightened it off before I could take a picture! Will try again soon. And my grey wagtail hasn't been back to my garden, but it must be out there somewhere. That's the trouble with birds, you need to be very quick and always keep the camera handy.
Lovely weather to walk the dog and check out the loch. Some really exciting action out there, with a huge flock of over 30 greylag geese, swans, a solitary oystercatcher, goldeneye, mallard and tufted ducks, and lots more. Delighted also to get a glimpse of a Reed Bunting.
Weather not quite so pleasant today, but still dry, so took a walk through the woods and fields. Mollie the Collie startled a pheasant and a roe deer. Buzzard overhead, and lots of small brown twittery things of various shapes and sizes in the trees that I have no idea how to identify! Think I saw a flock of starlings, and a definite Moorhen sighting, which sadly scuttled into the reeds before I could get my camera out.
scally ,small songbirds are often known as little brown jobs Image ,sometimes the only way ti identify them are by song .
the difference between a chiff chaff and a wood warbler is that a chiff chaff goes chiff chaff and a wood warbler doesn't Image Image
Warblers, pipits, and so on are a right royal pain aren't they? I prefer the big showy birds like pheasants, golden eagles, peregrine falcons and osprey - at least they announce their presence and can't be mistaken for anything else.
I have seen ptarmigan when climbing in the Cairngorms, snow white winter plumage: I do admire any bird with a silent 'p'.
Nice bright day today, so headed off to the marshes to see what I could find. Plenty of interest to see, including heron, Canada geese, mute swan, three kinds of ducks, coot, blackbirds, crows and tits.
395 posts