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birds not in the garden

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I think you'll find Emus in Oz, not Ostriches!
I was camping out in the bush once in Western Australia, and a large flock of Emu came strolling through our campsite: very impressive and a little intimidating.
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At the risk of starting the big end /little end debate,you would need a very big egg cup .
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Ostrich farm Utah USA .
This swan laid six eggs in a fine big nest at my local pond, cared for them well, along with her hubby, and here they are now, almost full grown.
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How lovely. Hubby and myself used to go to Evesham, Stratford etc and observe things like that,.. so miss it xx
I love this thread - thanks to everyone who posts pictures for us - those ospreys reminded me of visits to Findhorn - we watched ospreys swooping from a great height to catch their supper in the evening.

Pet, like you, I really miss the nice walks hubby and I used to have, enjoying the sights and sounds of the countryside. x
I was working in Campbeltown (Mull of Kintyre) this weekend: here are the highlights: including one bird I have not photographed close up before: the Razorbill, a relative of the puffin:

And a fine wheatear - one of a small flock on migration from Greenland:

Another flock of turnstones: a colourful, dumpy and distinctive wader:

PS, sorry, these appear in the reverse order and I have no control over where they appear in the text now)


Scally do you want to try loading the photos again as they haven't appeared ?

(I think you'll need to use the "Attachments" tab below the message box rather then the Img icon - I'll get Kate to check why your's haven't loaded in the meantime)
Thanks Suze, for some reason the normal picture uploader and inline facility wasn't working, so, being resourceful,I changed to linking to the uploaded pic: I can see them fine, can anyone else? Looks like the tech peeps need to do some testing as to why the inline facility is u/s.
Just tried this one, and for some reason the script and command has changed: you no longer need to add the picture at the cursor, it is just automatically uploaded, can you see the cormorants ?


yes, I can see the latest pic and now can also see the previous ones :)

I have highlighted the problem to Kate so hopefully the IT guys will sort it out soon.
Here's a few more feathered friends from the Mull of Kintyre:


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