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birds not in the garden

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green heron ,east texas august 2009

turkey vulture slightly out of focus

turkey vulture in flight
both texas august 2009

for some reason malcolm would not pretend to be dying of thirst and stagger off in to the desert and fall down so i could get some close ups
Lovely pictures: very exciting! I've seen Egyptian vultures high in the sky in Crete, they have a very sinister reputation, don't they! But they do a useful job.
I'm at risk of running out of birds but I spotted a pair of Oystercatchers whilst walking the dog today and cursed because I forgot my camera: I'll see if they are still there in the morning.
scally ,thanks the green heron was in the armand bayou nature reserve ,and the vulture was on highway 90.
A walk by the curling pond today: the oyster catchers weren't there but I took these pictures anyway:
I seem to have spent the last few days chasing these oystercatchers, and here they finally are, along with a black-headed gull. Walking back along the burn something small and incredibly fast shot past like a miniature jet aircraft - a kingfisher! You would need a lot of patience to catch one of those on film - they are simply too quick. Exciting nevertheless, and shows what is out there. My guess is most people wouldn't have been able to identify it because it was a dull day and I didn't catch the iridescent blue/green plumage, but there is only one bird I know in Britain that rockets along streams at about 2' above the water so fast that all you get is a glimpse.
I have been sorting out my holiday photo albums and these ones popped into view. I like active holidays, sailing, walking, canoeing, because it brings me closer to nature, and because you never know what you will find next.

Wheatears vary a lot in appearance and I am pretty sure this one is the Greenland variety: they love rocky, mountain places in the West, so it isn't surprising to find one half way up Cader Idris in Wales. They are fairly common, with 50,000 pairs breeding in Britain. Click on the pic for the larger version.

Dippers are lovely, neat little birds found in fast flowing upland water, they have a tidy white bib and are constantly active seeking small prey in the water. Fairly easy to find in the mountains, with 15,000 pairs breeding in the UK.

Canada Geese have become well-established in many British rivers, they are now quite common with some 40,000 pairs in Britain - considered a bit of a nuisance in some parks!
Pigeon Religion

There's nearly always birds perched on this steeple. Think I'll try again on a brighter day, with interesting cloud formations, and using a tripod. Be ace to get a rook, or bird of prey, with it's winged outstretched... very gothic!
Like the symbolism! This cheeky mallard jumped onboard our yacht at Fort Augustus....
believe it or not there is a bald eagle in there somewhere
it on the 4th tree along in the center of the photo .
canada august 2005
Any picture is better than none. This is the closest I ever got to an African vulture, David Attenborough I am not, but I don't have weeks to hang around and a fancy camera either, who does?
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