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birds not in the garden

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I can see the photos. Always find them fascinating and enjoyable.
Look forward to the next ones
I liked this Bar-tailed Godwit (I thought it was a Greenshank originally, but they do look very similar, and I am no expert, just a dabbler) :


Scally wrote:Thanks Suze, for some reason the normal picture uploader and inline facility wasn't working, so, being resourceful,I changed to linking to the uploaded pic: I can see them fine, can anyone else? Looks like the tech peeps need to do some testing as to why the inline facility is u/s.
Just tried this one, and for some reason the script and command has changed: you no longer need to add the picture at the cursor, it is just automatically uploaded, can you see the cormorants ?
Beautiful photos Scally! Sorry you had issues uploading them, thanks for persevering!

I very rarely upload photos to the forum, so I'm not the best when it comes to testing if it is all working in the usual way! Am I right in thinking you can upload an image as an attachment and it will appear automatically? And that the 'Img' button now seems redundant?


Pretty much, yes. Something has changed and the inline option is no longer available. I have no idea why, at all: that is for the geeks to determine.
More birds from Argyll's fascinating coastline with an astonishing 3,723 kilometres of foreshore to choose from! I was working there again last weekend, this time on the Cowal peninsula:


Drove down to Reading this weekend for my older brothers 65th birthday celebration: amazed by the large numbers of Kites in the Thames valley, sometimes up to twelve at a time. Quite a successful re-introduction, considering they were extinct in the UK a few decades ago.


There's a large number often over the M40 east of Oxford. Hubby gets very excited watching them and pointing them out.
I just wish he'd keep his eyes on the road as he's the driver! :roll:
As I was coming from the tube station to the Carers UK AGM on Thursday into that magical Thatcher-fantasy land of Canary Wharf in London's docklands, this was the first sight that greeted me. A migrating woodcock, such a beautiful wild bird, and yet another grim window strike victim of the glass towers. It felt like an omen. Not a good one. I do wish we could move our AGM to somewhere where people - and nature - matter more than money and greed.


Very sad sight Scally. I expect it happens regularly with the buildings as they are. Hubby and myself didn't like canary wharf. So unnatural looking.
It is sad, I used to work in the loading bay of one of the buildings at Canary Wharf delivering the mail, boxes, parcels, etc. I don't remember many birds, there were a few Mallards, some gulls (I think they were Herring Gulls) and a couple of Pied Wagtails but not much else, it was a rather barren area apart from the mice in the Post Room and the odd dead one in the loading bay. I do not remember many bird strikes but there was one suicide while I was there and one before I started when a banker jumped from the 16th floor into the auditorium nearly landing on a member of the mail room staff who had to have time off for the shock, of course the jumper was no more. One of the windows fell out of my building once, it was a large sheet of glass and remained suspended by its rubber sealant till it was removed. Hard work, long hours, low pay some rude "customers" but good mates. As others have commented its a money based area. The trading floor staff did not take part in fire drills, it used to be rumoured that in the event of a real fire their floors were specially fire proofed so they could go on trading but I do not know if this is true.
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