birds not in the garden

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Scally. Love all of your photos. Can you take the speech bubbles out so
I can look at the swallows and background please. If possible
Swallow 1
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Swallow 2
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Thats enough swallows, here is a lovely Japanese garden at Benmore - lol
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Lovely. Thank-you. The Japanese garden is fabulous. The swallows have the edge for me though. Keep em coming lol. They do cheer me,seriously.
OK, I will avoid anything controversial and send you a Red Admiral I pictured today near my home. Luckily, this one does not control the fleet of Polaris submarines based in Faslane that Scotland wants to get rid of: it is just a butterfly: there are no political messages, implicit or explicit.
Red admiral
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Red Admiral
Just a Red Admiral. No, not a Soviet controlled drone, as the Daily Mail might make you think.
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Hi ,my last post was meant as a joke :roll:
To get back on topic .
Malta and Germany May 2015 072.JPG
Malta and Germany May 2015 072.JPG (90.08 KiB) Viewed 1555 times
Barn owl ,May 2015 ,there was a guy with a load of birds.
Malta and Germany May 2015 070.JPG
Malta and Germany May 2015 070.JPG (53.55 KiB) Viewed 1555 times
Forgot what he said this one was ,might be a Saker Falcon.
Stunning pictures, anyway. Here's a more rotten one, but it was in the wild, and it was taken just four hours ago a few minutes drive from my front door: a rather distant shot of an osprey in nearby Loch Carron, taken today on an afternoon walk with the dog. The osprey had just dived (in this case, unsuccessfully) for a fish, which is often the best time to get that long-range picture: these magnificent birds also undertake a long journey to Africa for the winter months:
Osprey, Loch Carron Reservoir, near Stirling, Scotland.
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An ostrich??????
No, that was an osprey. This is an ostrich:
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Birds NOT in the WON'T find an ostrich in the garden. That's what I meant.....outside Australia and Africa that is.
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