birds not in the garden

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hi ,i thought i would start a new thread ,birds not in the garden
when we were on holiday in america in august 2009 we had a swamp tour on lake martin in louisiana.
in the top photo you can see malcolm next to the car we were renting,the middle photo is a great egret ,and the bottom one is a great blue heron.
happy days Image
Those cygnets are so cute! Are cygnets baby swans? Showing my ignorance here. Your place looks dead exotic, SussexRox.
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Buzzard, doesn't come into the garden but often seen overhead.


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Thats partial albinism sussex. Pretty common in blackbirds, not so common in crows Image

All these pictures make me think that I really must get a decent camera.

Buzzard, doesn't come into the garden but often seen overhead.
This is the only bird of prey we see and in exactly the same situation we have a pair that breed in our local park and if they both fly low together they stop all light from our modest garden - mind you we do have a pair of tawnies who nest in a tree adjacent to our garden but very very rarely see them just here them at night LOL xxxxxx
ahhhh, now we are getting into birds I know more about - aka the ones I USED to dwell with rather than currently do... Image
I have heaps of pics of birds taken in the Illawarra/NSW... can anyone tell me what this cute lil bird is....? (I do know, but am curious as to if anyone else knows there 'overseas' birds or not)


i don't know ,some sort of parrot

rosy spoonbill.

a barred owl, i think, all taken at lake martin.
Its a rainbow lorikeet Image
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Very spectacular! Loved the rosy spoonbill. Here's another spoonbill, this time from NZ:

And also a heron from NZ, maybe a white faced heron.

and New Zealands smallest native gull:


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