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Birds in the garden

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That's an ace photo, dead clear. I'm determined, ABSOLUTELY DETERMINED, to take clear ones too. And if disguising myself as a blind is what it takes then so be it. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!
I might borrow my SIL's digital camera instead of using my smart phone. If I'm going to go to all this trouble of disguising myself like an albino monk in order to blend in with the blinds I might as well have a decent camera.
As predicted, mum can't find her cream evening gloves; She's still looking for them as I type. Hope I haven't inadvertently set her off on another obsession. So charity shops it is.
love the suit ,next stop the bbc natural history film unit or the royal marine commando sniper school Image
i should not answer your front door dressed like that Image
Im sorry sajehar - I ended up with tears running down my face over this Image
Actually it probably will work, but the thought of you dressed up like that has blown my mind
I absolutely love the suit Sajehar Image Image Image Image
David C,

I already have answered the door, but not as an albino monk.

I couldn’t afford to heat my flat one winter after Scottish Power spent a year putting my prices up by over 30% and THEN changed the meter, without informing me, which put my prices up by a further 25%.
I was on a pre-payment meter. Come winter, I just couldn’t afford to feed that monster gobbler of leccy (all-electric flat with storage radiators.) I wrapped up well instead.
I got so used to wearing this garb I forgot I was wearing it.
The doorbell rang. I answered it. Only to be greeted with, by the postie, “Bloody hell! It’s Genghis Khan.”

I’ve replicated it as best I could. The hat, boots and belt are originals. The bathrobe is not. I borrowed that from my bro, but it’s very like the one I wore. I lost the tie belt to that one too. What is it with me and belts from bath robes?

I’ve discovered something much better than evening gloves for my blind disguise… latex gloves!
And they don’t balls up hitting the shoot button on the camera bit either. Marigolds were rubbish for that.


You're doing bad things to me here, Sajehar. I suddenly have an urge to dress up in my old ninja outfit and go outside to show the birdies.
Couple of long-tailed t!ts came back today: and that's taken straight through double glazing by the way.


well 100/100 for trying your hardest Sajehar....hope the birds play fair and let you get some snaps. Actually, that winter clobber get up reminds me of what i used to wear once... (I dont use a heater by choice and havent for over a decade) I will have to see if I can fish out the piccie of me that i took all winter-wrapped.
the weather is putting me off photography at the mo - i get blurred pictures due to the wind swishing the branches the birds sit on about and rain streak thru the window....but nothing good and clear like Scally's latest shot.

Ahhh here we go - this is my winter clobber from 2006:
Hang on, I have a better one than that....


When you say you don't have a heater, are you serious? Your house must be like a fridge! What is the point, exactly?
Saving money, probably.

What do you clean your double glazing with? I want to know. I am a bit of a slattern, I will confess.
But I'm having so much fun attempting (and failing) to take decent photos of birdies that if I finally succeed in taking one that's only half as good as yours I shall whoop with joy.
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