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Birds in the garden

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The sun is shining, but too hot, so I’m in doors keeping cool while dad is sunning himself outside. I should really be writing about that awful fire in London, but I can’t watch the news right now… Should do, but can’t.

So birds it is.

For Greta, 3 photies of robins looking me in the eye. Actually, two photos; the third I included because it makes it look as though the robin has two heads (refraction and all that…. Glass & plastic has it’s uses.)

And yes Greta, SM is the one into killing grey squirrels, but they don’t shoot them. They trap ‘em, then sack ‘em, then bash them over the head with a cudgel… the physcopaths!

My robin/s – called Hop along Cassidy by mum for years; I’m continuing the tradition even though it’s obviously NOT the same robin – are also for Pet66 as she’s sentimental about them; and why not? I am too. They remind me of mum.

And because I can only properly inline two of my own photos, plus that god awful dotted-line last one, I shall have to go onto a 2nd post with my blue tits.
Which, given the blue, utterly insane strappy sports bra I bought from Aldi (putting this thing on is a two man job) is highly appropriate. The sports bra is also highly effective, if a total pain to put on, so my blue tits photos are also relevant… kind off!

Here’s looking at yer, kidda.
DSCF0116.JPG (249.23 KiB) Viewed 1483 times
Whatever happened to my fabric softener?
DSCF0680.JPG (246.38 KiB) Viewed 1483 times
URGGGH! Dotted line awful picture now of a so-called two headed robin. I WILL eventually crack how to inline a third photo… but not just yet. Sound like that Augustine monk/saint now:

God, make me good…. But not just yet.

No idea where you are Scally but I miss you. This is my ‘memorial’ to you, and ace photos of birds.

By the way, Pet66, the ‘Not in the Garden’ thread was started by David C (another of my ‘faves’ on this site, along with Chris from the Gulag… whatever happened to him?)


Blue tits as promised.... but not my own as I have my 'puritanical' modesty to think of.

Blue tit stuffing it's gob.
DSCF0964.JPG (199.17 KiB) Viewed 1481 times
Blue tit with what looks like a green 'thing' growing out of its back.
DSCF0995.JPG (234.83 KiB) Viewed 1481 times

Now for the dotted-line thing I hate so much. Me, getting rid of green 'thing' growing out of bird's back via freebie
'mess around with editing' soft ware. Not very good, but considering it was my first time using it, I'm pretty damned chuffed with the results.


This is a wonderful bluetit picture, even before the editing. I have not got good pictures of them.
I don't suppose I can pass off foxes as birds. Will look through my collection. Oh, a jay perhaps.


Your Jay is terrific.... Looks like a pollster!(Spell Checker worked.)
Do you have any more squirrels?
just for you Sajehar :)

One of the virtually 'tame' squirrels in our local park - they actually come up to you and ask for food, if you happen to have peanuts in your pocket they'll follow you for ages :lol: :lol: They're very polite and wait until you offer a nut and will then take it from you very gently :)


Nice squirrels, Susie.

I actually went on a birdwatching course recently and one session was walking round St. James' Park. You may all know the pelicans whose ancestors were a gift from the Russian ambassador in the 17th century. I have not yet seen them on the public path, but still hoping. Anyway, the squirrels are so tame there that I took peanuts. And we stopped at one wooded part away from the lake where the organiser took some peanuts and broke them up very small - they have to be small for bluetits because they would take a whole one back to the nest and it might kill the chicks. And bluetits, robins and great tits would come down onto our hands for them. The organizer runs an organiization called Wild Capital, in case anyone is interested in all sorts of trips round London. I did the course at the City Lit though.
Cheers Susieq (I checked and have spelt your name properly; I seem to have a blind spot about it.)

They're really good photos of squirrels. I think our squirrels work for MI 5, as they always hide away as soon as you appear.

Greta, howsabout some of your squirrel photos, or foxes?

In the meantime, have one of a four legged magpie. I've posted this twice before - even though it's not in our garden but on a neighbour's chimney - but it's one of my faves. It's allowed; rules are made to be broken :whistle:
DSCF0309.JPG (128.23 KiB) Viewed 1454 times
Me trying to get birds used to me photographing them with a fake camera as my digital one only lasts about an hour with the battery left on. I ended up covering the window in foam to make sure the twit tits didn't knock themselves out flying into the window.
DSCF0831.JPG (242.1 KiB) Viewed 1454 times
Crow hole in the sky; doctored a bit (but not much) with that freebie editing soft ware. That's also allowed; it's called 'Artistic License', or so I believe ;)


following on from tame squirrels - this was taken in Mum's garden a few years back.
The vixen used to bring her cubs to play in Mum's garden and this cub was very interested in what I was doing and stopped for his close up :roll:


And now for something entirely different… a photo I took about 10 years ago when I belonged to a hot air balloon club. I couldn’t believe my eyes when a RAC hot air balloon crashed on a camper van.
Hot air balloon.jpg
Hot air balloon.jpg (129.75 KiB) Viewed 1446 times
No idea what the white things are?

Greta/Susique, I’ve taken some weird photos over the years; but no foxes or squirrels. So Susieq (I think I got that right) thank you for the ace fox cub photo…. He/she looks seriously pissed off to me.

By the way, an expensive hobby like hot air ballooning can be done on the cheap IF you join a club. Earn your spurs by helping out, and you get to do it for virtually nothing.

I did!

Oh, by the way, I only got into hot air ballooning because some tycoon contacted me via a dating website. He was into hot ballooning. But I pissed him off by him pissing me off… we never met. Just as well, as I set the police on him.

SM, you have your work cut out.

Anyway, just to prove him wrong – and that I could go hot air ballooning without his effing help – I joined said club.
I ended up camping in Barnoldswick in Yorkshire and, I think (in photo) Victoria Park in Leeds.

Now the RAC has nothing to do with foxes, hedgehogs, squirrels or birds. But I’ve put this photo up here. Like I said rules are meant to be broken… but not ‘elf’ and Saftey ones. They are there for a reason after all….

So, post away foxes and your squirrels. I look forward to them.
I am a bit worried about this. What is the title of the thread? Who is deviating from it? Surely not our moderator?! Am I really expected to put pictures of squirrels and foxes on here?
Just saying.
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