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Birds in the garden

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I forgot about the flash! Flashlights and windows don't mix... Durr!
After all that trouble, and nothing to show for it, except a bloody big white blur. I think David Attenborugh's day job is safe from me.
Maybe by this time next year, I'll have a decent piccie of Cassidy. I can't beleive I've turned into a robin obsessed twitcher.
Scally, it's all your fault.

Image Image


hi sajehar ,to take photos of birds the size of robins ,you really need a telephoto lens ,unless you are standing right next to it .
why do you call him cassidy ?
you should call him gibb Image
Many years ago, when my mother could do all of her own gardening before the arthritis got too bad, she was befriended by a robin. It would follow her about. As she moved along her borders weeding, it would hop along side her, inches away, waiting for her to give it a worm, which she did regularly. Hence the name, Hop Along Cassidy.
This went on for years. Whether it was the same robin or not, we've no idea. How long do robins live for? Regardless, we've always called any resident robin Cassidy ever since then.
Maybe the current Cassidy (I've had to take over gardening under mum's eagle eyed instructions; she's worse than a Sargent Major) is the great-great-great-great-great-great grandson of the original Cassidy.
Why Gibb?
I get it - Robin Gibb lol very good.

My only bird pic was when in Brisbane and a kookaburra came and sat on my balcony.
The crows there were worse for the cawcawing first thing in the mornings and they even drowned the telly out.
taken in 2010


Actually, I've got an SLR manual camera, and tripod. When I went to art college I quickly discovered I needed a decent camera. My bros clubbed together -bless 'em - and bought me a second hand Zeist camera (the East German one) complete with lens, including a telephoto one.
I haven't used it in years, and had completely forgotten all about it till you mentioned telephoto lens.
It's over in my flat in Liverpool. I'm going there today, so shall rummage it out. Can you still get 35mm film? If so, I shall have to bone up on me F numbers, depth of field/speed stuff as I've forgotten it all now.
What speed film do think is best? 200? Assuming 35mm still exists. Probably will on ebay.

Whose Robin Gibb? I was trying to make a connection with Mel Gibbson.
robin gibb ,one of the bee gees .
my first slr was a zenith .it came as part of a set with a 300mm telephoto lens ,it was called a photosniper and came with a shoulder stock

just had a quick look on ebay and they are still for sale around £140-£150
35mm film is still around .
there is a russian camera called a lomo which has quite a following.
if you set up your camera on the tripod and pre focus where you think cassidy will land .and use a cable release to take the photo ,that might work
just been nosing around on the interweb and found this advert to build your own camera
which i can't show you as it's a possible attack vector
whatever that means Image .
the camera is called konstruktor diy 35mm camera.
it is a little known fact that snow white was a keen photographer ,but she used a very slow postal developing company .
which accounts for her song in the film ,

one day my prints will come Image
Dave C.... that's awful; love it!
I have a cable release. Off over to Liverpool soon. Can't wait to start using me ald Zenith again; cracking camera. Much better than my smart phone one, plus you can't really put a smart phone on a tripod.
You can just about see Cassidy on the glowing dragonfly; I was hoping the red light would illuminate him.
So that's who Robin Gibbs is; one of the high pitched warblers from the Beach Boys. I prefer Cassidy Image
kiwigatz ,kookaburra's on the balcony ,you lucky sod .
are there any big spiders where you are ,?you know the ones the size of a dinner plate.
just remembered you are in england , sorry.
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