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Birds in the garden

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Hi mads. Theres quite a lot of birds of prey in our area.
There are indeed buzzards quite close and in the fields at the back of me I have seen kestrels and sparrowhawks there. A couple of miles further out there are red kites, peregrine falcons and Im told there are a pair of hobbies although I have never seen them.

Ive just remembered that with birds of prey the female is larger than the male. Ive looked it up and, yes, female sparrowhawks are 3 - 4" larger than the males and are much paler underneath - the males are more rusty coloured with grey heads. Could this explain the difference in size?
Yes Crocus - it was, from my judgement, about 3 inches bigger. So maybe it was...I guess humans kinda look a bit different in the rain to normal weather, too - maybe sparrowhawks do too....maybe that one was a female 'with a raincoat' puff up of feathering...I guess when we are bedraggled we are more horizontal than vertical, too..... Image

Today i had one of the wood pigeons on the windowsill - it walked up and down staring in at me then 'pushed' a foot and beak at the window. i wondered what on earth it was doing... when it had flown away, i realized - the seed had all gone and that was its way of asking for more. it must have learned that the seeds come from inside and might be put at any place on the sill, clever bird!
I have run foul of this forum before for posting pictures of t!ts! These come in a flashmob out of the blue, often in a group of a dozen or so. Very entertaining.


Whilst on the subject of buzzards.. here's one I captured on camera about 200 yards from my front door: they are always overhead, often being mobbed by crows.


Here's a virtual Christmas Card to all, wishing you peace and goodwill for the coming year. Snapped this dapper robin a couple of years ago a few hundred yards from my front door during a cold snap.


Lovely photos Scally. Mr Black the blackbird has gotten a tad tamer. He must have learned that the sound of my bedroom window opening/closing means food on the sill - i had barely shut the window yesterday when he was on the sill pecking! Image
here's Cassidy.

Isn't he gorgeous. Ok, crap photo; enlarge it.

Merry Xmas, from me and C.



Awwwwwww, cute! Image
Hi Madiallette,
He loves that perch I made for him. Got demolished in the recent storm; the perch that is, not Cassidy. I've told him you think he's cute, as if he wasn't cocky enough already.
Rubbish photo, though, if not without a certain amateurish charm.

But I have a cunning plan to take a better one of the camera shy little bugger. I put bird seed out for him on the my window sill. If I forget, or haven't got up yet, he taps with his beak on my window.... cheeky blighter!

So, I've filled a jam jar with water to weight it down, put it on the outside sill and put bird seed on it's lid. I've rearranged my furniture so's I have a clear line of sight. When he lands on my camera trap I'll shoot him in close up.
What out David Attenborough, hear I come....

Scally, note my United utility scrounged cones, most ably guarded by Anubis and Apollo.


I’m going to sue this thread for repetitive strain injury, or should that be constant strain injury?
Idiot that I am, I spent all afternoon on Sunday trying to capture Cassidy in all his rampant robin glory. Holding a smart phone at the ready waiting for that Scarlet Pimpernel of a robin to make his appearance meant I ended up with seriously sore shoulders and upper arms.
He tantalised me by fluttering around, but never actually landing on my jam jar camera trap. I decided to go worm hunting. Despite being a veteran worm hunter (for me compost bin) I managed to cut the poor thing in half. But a few minutes later it came back to life – I have vampire worms – and tried to do a Colditz on me. It eventually succeeded in escaping.

I then decided that dead bait was less trouble than live bait, and plonked a dead moth I found in my bathroom on my camera trap instead.

I then decided I needed to clean the window in the area where Cassidy would land or my picture would be blurry.
By now it was the gloaming, and I decided Cassidy had gone to bed, when he flew straight past my window, the tease, and landed on one of my solar powered dragonflies. I snapped him. I could see him quite clearly, unfortunately, my smart phone couldn’t (stupid phone.) Perhaps I should’ve cleaned the whole window; since done.

Cassidy is sitting on that red blob in left hand of photo. Wish I had that equipment Harrison Ford had in Blade Runner. Should've used more of that Mr Muscle!
I was about to give up when….. The Robin has Landed!


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