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Birds in the garden

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It's just possible, it has been a very mild winter, hasn't it? A photo would be great. I've made a fool of myself in the past with bird identification, we all have, the only thing I can say is that we all get better with practise and like any other hobby it's fun to keep trying and improving.
Nothing new in the garden today but I spotted a whacking great pair of herring gulls over by the curling pond nearby. Huge and very fierce looking! Here's one I took earlier last year, rather dominating the bird table! :
Heres a nice pair of greenfinches from last year: I'm hoping they will come back soon.


dear little robin followed me round the garden for ages. think robin is my favourite bird,possibly because i can actually identify it
Robins are great, but everyone knows what a robin looks like and they are a real favourite.
Sajehar likes Goldfinches, she's into bird-bling, so here's one I took earlier last year:
David C, going by my past record I wouldn't be at all surprised if my pied flycatchers turned out to be mutant pied wagtales, or maybe baby wagtales? They're plump little nippers, and extremely nippy indeed.
Tried to photo them yesterday; no joy.
They're not actually in my back garden, I see them by the railway line front gardens. Whatever they are, they're the Speedy Gonzalos's of the bird world. They zip, zap and flip, flap all over the place at the speed of light.

Just as well I've got a digital camera. I'd say about 95% of the photos I take of birds are blurry as hell. Of the remaining 5% that are clear (ish) they're in rubbish positions. It would cost an absolute fortune to do this with real film, getting it developed, and then finding out that no photos were any good!
As it is, I'm getting repetitive strain injury from all the deleting I'm doing (not really, just feels like it.)

I deffo want to get a shot of a bling-bling bird... the goldfinch. According to the photos in my Creating a Bird Friendly Garden book, it looks as though it's had a colour chart thrown at it.
And the photo of a starling is amazing; it's positively iridescent. I've actally seen them look like that, when the sun catches them at a particular angle. I suspect you need 1,000's of £'s of lens and equipment to take such photos... but I'm going to try anyway.
Most of the fun is in trying. And even if I don't succeed; I'm learning an awful lot. What's not to like?
Exactly, and I never aim for perfection, merely a fair record. Sometimes things just turn out nicely, more by accident than design. Here's a nice crisp shot of a chaffinch - I reckon it sums up what being a chaffinch must feel like: I have to cut the pic down a bit in quality because of the file size rules here.
Blown up it looks like this:
I can't wait till I pick up my squirrel proof seed holder on Tuesday. It's got perches, and everything. The B & Q one was rubbish by comparison, and more expensive too.

Who knows, with my seeds (also cheaper from pet shop) I just might bag me a shot of a goldfinch!
Failing that, I'll be happy with a great tit, green finch or siskin or sparrow sparrow.

And I'm now going to be making my own fat balls; easy peesy. I want my birds to eat organic. I can guarantee that this way... make 'em yourself at a fraction of the cost too.
Great stuff, can't wait for the results. In the meantime, why not check out your local parks and open spaces and take a trip into the countryside: some places like designated wildlife parks and bird reserves are just amazing. I am dead lucky to live here at the edge of open countryside in Scotland and have Osprey fishing in the next valley, but there are lots of opportunities to see wildlife anywhere in the UK and some species like bullfinches and hawfinches that I used to see as a child in Hampshire are not to be found here in Scotland but might be commonplace elsewhere.
Ten years ago, digital cameras were very basic, and these were the kind of results you used to get. This is a Peregrine Falcon taken in Devon in 2003, but you will have to take my word for it, because it is too indistinct and low-res to be certain.
Most of mine end up like this:

I just shoot away, hoping for the best. Doesn't always work, bu it does, occassionally!
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