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Birds in the garden

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This shows the great variety of garden birds that will come if the food is out there on a regular basis and includes some variety. None of these are that rare, but it probably helps that I am surrounded by woodland and countryside at the edge of town.
sajher the dunnock belongs to a different family to sparrows ,sparrows are also known as weaver finches just to confuse things further Image .
I always thought crows were crows, magpies were magpies, rooks were rooks, and ravens were ravens. They’re all crows according to my Oxford book.
And now David C informs me that sparrows are also weaver finches. Sparrows are now finches? How confusing is that!

I’ve gone upmarket with my hide in an attempt to photo tits and finches. I thought my pale valence sheet might be too in-your-face for the birds, plus it flapped around too much even in the slightest breeze.

So enter the green tarpaulin – dunnocks aren’t the only masters of disguise - complete with eyelets for ease of stringing up. It cost £5.99, and doesn’t flap like crazy. Might use up all me dad’s old cans of spray paint to make it more like greenery greenery; break up all that flat green.

But despite my efforts, this is all I came up with.

Still, early days yet, and all that.

However, I did manage to get a pickie of a four legged magpie (pica pica) on next posting.
The four legged magpie, as promised. “I’m Jake the Peg, diddle diddle diddle dum, with an extr’ two legs, diddle diddle diddle dum…”

And now for something completely different: A legless magpie…. “hic..

Confession time: I cheated with the four legged magpie. The first magpie had it's tail sticking down, so I air brushed it out. But otherwise, it so look like a 4 legged birdy I couldn't resist!

Back to life, back to reality...

What I think are two tree sparrows, but probably aren’t.
I’ve been fiddling with the settings on my digi camera. This one was taken on some setting that’s supposed to ‘prevent washout and captures tonality in bright scenes.’ Like hell it did.

Scally, I loved the chaffinch; is it an extra red sparrow? I must get me a seed feeder, even if it was feeding off the ground and probably lives off snails.
Haha! No a chaffinch is a chaffinch, and if you want to get any kind of finch to play in your garden then you must make them a peace offering of small seeds: they won't come for peanuts. The three kinds of finch I pictured (chaffinch, goldfinch, and siskin) are all very picky about their food, as are linnets, redpoll and so on, but lay out some decent grub and they will mob you and be your life-long friend. So: Moral of the story: "Finch friendly food" - ask your local seed merchant. And as for feeder, get the best you can afford and hang it out of reach otherwise the squirrels will chew it up.
So seeds it is. And a seed feeder. Glad I didn't buy the rubbishy one today. The plastic was so flimsy. Mind you, what do you expect for £1.49?
I want a robust seed thing, with platforms. I'll hang fire until I see the one I want. Those birds aren't going to go away....
I am no longer a tit virgin.

The Bolshie buggers, aided and abetted by the finches, decided to boycott my garden. But I got one anyway! That’s Japanese camera capitalism for you.

However, I’ve been reliably informed that if I want the tit/finch equivalent of the Bolshoi Ballet, I’d better get a seed feeder… squirrel proof.

In the meantime…

My fave… bacon fat!

Glad the green plastic human bean isn’t a vegetarian… yum!
I'm getting this, morning permitting.

http://www.diy.com/nav/garden/pet-bird- ... sContainer

Any advice?
Sure: looks good: there are three main hazards to watch out for:
Cats: domestic cats kill millions of birds every year.
Squirrels: they will steal birdfood (and also eat baby birds and eggs) - very hard to stop without specialised 'collars' - or suspend your feeder from high-wires etc.. to make it harder for them.
Sparrowhawks: the main reason why small birds move so fast and dont hang around: these miniature hawks need less space for manoeuvre than most larger birds, so hanging in or near a tree with plenty of close cover will bring you more visitors, they feel safer.
scally ,you might be right about the sparrow ,my back garden is bare ,no cover at all .and the bird table is between the spot where i took a photo of a sparrowhawk munching on a collared dove and the fence where i took a photo of a sparrowhawk Image .
i put a fat ball feeder between a hedge and one of my sheds and it is always needs refilling.
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