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Birds in the garden

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i am more of a leg man.
i am more of a leg man.
got two magpies, several tits,loads of daft pidgeons,blackbird ,robin. ,thrush and i think a jay also 3 squirrels(on a black one) and a hedghog.all very entertaining.tantalises cats but fortunately too old to catch anything
Pair of Linnets spotted today at the feeder, in the close company of Siskins, robins and various tits: coal, blue and great


Still not sure about this one: either a Linnet or more likely a Common Redpoll? The yellow beak and red spot make a Redpoll more likely I think. The two in the backgrounds are Siskins.


i am more of a leg man.
yes ,see my post ,cor what a leggy bird.
Just as well, David C, that you’re a leg man as my tits seem to have disappeared. I think that was my own fault.
NEVER put bird seed underneath a feeder as the birds go for the stuff on the ground. I think having other birds scrumaging underneath their feeder put them off.
Never mind, Scally’s more than made up for my lack of tits with his ace shots of Scottie tits. Love the one with the red bonce. Looks like he’s been going around giving lots of Glasgow kisses.

Talking of legs, meet Madelcass. She/he has shorter legs than Cassidy, is a wee bit plumper, her/his grey bits are a bit richer and wider than Cassidy’s but her (bugger it, I’m calling Madelcass her) brown feathers are a bit lighter. She behaves differently too, more skittish than Cassidy.

Now all I’ve got to do is photograph them together. Unfortunately, of late, Cassidy’s decided to do guard duty (on the bench or shed today) whilst Madelcass stuffs her face. I’ve never noticed Madelcass doing guard duty for Cassidy, though.

Crocus, no luck with the Mafia today. I’m convinced those bloody magpies are psychic. They part enter my picture frame, look straight at me (despite my hide) and then fly off… b*****ds! I’ll get them yet. Might help if it hadn’t been raining, on and off, all day.
Not even a couple of eggs would tempt them. Somebody told me once that magpies raid sparrows nests for the eggs. They obviously didn't get this pair.

“Oy, Brucie; did you here that…

Yup… you look left and I’ll look right; can’t be too careful.”
Hey sajehar thems aint sparras - thems dunnocks!
And a great piccie too. The dunnocks in my garden are busy doing mating dances on my fence Image
I thought they were sparrows! They look like sparrows; what's the difference between the two?
So now I can add dunnocks (never heard of them) to my list.

"Oy, who do you think you're staring at! Bloody starling starers piss me off."


Thats a female blackbird!!
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