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Birds in the garden

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Image wish I ruled the roost, I didnt even realise geese had teeth until they first bit me, tiny tiny sharp ones! They dont seem to have a personal dislike of me, they bite all of us, at least they're fair Image
Dave C, it's truly an ace photo... I think the best so far.
I had no idea that birds of prey got picked on? I bet that doesn't happen to golden eagles though!
I honestly thought maybe the osprey/kestrel was old, or weak in someway, to be so successfully driven off by a couple of titchy swallows. Perhaps not.

Scally, at first I thought your siskins were budgies!

I too have been chased by a goose. I was 16 and it was on Hilbre Island. I got cornered in a cave, and in order to escape the evil thing - with a massive wing span - I jumped into the small bay outside. I got to play with seals as a result. And they really do play with you; playing tag.
P.S. Not for nothing did the Romans use geese as guard dogs on Hadrian's Wall.
I know this is a big jump from the original topic but Image last year,(august) I was walking my dog Wilf on the brecon beacons and saw a large black puma (?) running straight up the field, was out watching the red kites but didnt expect that Image
Likes seals....


Seals are covered in this gunky stuff; like goo. But they'd pop their heads up then disappear; whilst swimming between your legs. They are very playful.
Sajehar...here is my robin, Mr Bob, on the bird table....


I think that's an ace photo. If only I could get one of Cassidy? Thank you.

I will, when I've got that blasted card sorted. Why is Mister Bob called Mr bob?
I took the snap in my newish read n relax room - which overlooks the bird table...it used to be a store room. I called him Mr bob as bob rhymes with rob for robin... Image plus he bobs up in front of me and looks in at me on the pole outside the kitchen window sometimes....

our wood pigeons are making a nest already....
Hi Madeliette,

Confused-us say that each photo of a 1000 pixels has to start somewhere. Or words
to that effect.

So I changed my memory card (it was wonky after all), and here’s my first ever birdy pic with the raffle win digi camera that I bought off winner for a bottle of whisky.

Cassidy, or Madelcass (Cassidy’s boy/girl friend/wife/husband/son/daughter).

And OK, it’s still not very good, but much better than my smartphone.
Compare the above to this one, taken on smart phone from far less distance.

Those blobs are supposed to be tree sparrows.

But, all in all, I’m pretty chuffed with my second step on my 1000 pixel journey considering I took it from about 30ft away, and Cassidy/Madelcass was three quarters the way up a tree, and I took it freehand too.

My third step on my 1000 pixel journey to taking a decent photo of a bird is to use the tripod, knock up a hide, and just use the manual zoom. Apparently, if you use Intelligent Zoom (which doubles the manual zoom, as I did above) there’s a loss of quality.
My aim is to get a photo of Cassidy and Madelcass eating bird seed together. So, weather and mum’s health permitting, I’m going to put into effect over the weekend my third cunning plan…


553 posts