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Birds in the garden

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hi, took this in the 80s.
I love the sparrowhawk. Is the other a robin? It's beautiful.

My one is a magpie, but the photo is a couple of years old.


Just outside the window Image


hi koala it is indeed a robin
Awwwwww, Koala, you are making me homesick! We used to have those Aussie black-backed magpies in our old home in Wollongong! & kookaburras, rainbow lorikeets, cockatoos --- Do you have any butcher birds, fairy wrens or galahs near you? We used to get those as well - and plenty of pigeons.
As for me, I am quite a bird freak - I even wrote a book about the Illawarra birds at one point, though currently i just write my blog: http://www.birdstory.com The early posts have the Aussie birds and the last 4 years are the GB ones...

In our yard, we have a pair of doves, a few wood pigeons, plenty of sparrows and starlings, a robin, a few blackbirds, there are a pair of jackdaws on the chimney up top and many more birds visiting the yard - bluetits, sparrowhawks, goldfinches, wrens... no fieldfares or redwings as yet this year, though on 2 of the last 3 years we have had them on the holly tree. We sometimes get blackcaps in winter, too.

Here is a shot of one of the young wood pigeons from this year...


That is the evilest looking magpie ever!
"Who do you think you're lookin' at," it thinks before it pecks your eyes out.
currently i just write my blog]http://www.birdstory.com[/url] The early posts have the Aussie birds and the last 4 years are the GB ones......

I think a bird blog is a great idea. But that isn't an owl lurking in the woods, my best guess after checking my bird-books is that it is a female hen-harrier, very rare, which has the wider grey stripes on the tail and a white rump (my bird book says it has a disc of stiffer feathers giving an owl-like appearance to the face) or - less likely - a goshawk with which it shares many features, or a juvenile buzzard, which has yellow eyes, and is very common, but doesn't have the broad grey tail stripes which your bird has. You need to be a real expert to tell the difference.
Nice blog, Madeliaette! I've got it on favourites now, so I'll read all of it and keep up with your new posts.

We have galahs around here, and honeyeaters, and a few others but I'm not sure of their names. They've been hiding from my camera, but I'll capture them soon.

Magpies aren't evil looking, Sajehar. They're pussycats. Image

The only bird photo I've got recently is of Mother Crow, sitting right on top of our roof.


Thanks for the leads Scally - I will check those birds out in my ID book/RSPB website and see if I can figure it out precisely. (I only 'know' about the birds in the Illawarra, I am still learning the British ones! Image )
I agree Koala - magpies just have eyes that 'look' sharp - they are beautiful creatures at heart, though. Maybe you have seen too many horror movies or been hurt by a swooping magpie in breeding season, Sajehar? We used to have a bunch of tame ones that would hop up the door step and stand staring at me til I got a tub of chopped up cheese out the fridge for them. One even learned where the tub was kept and would hop inside and stand staring at the fridge!
Magpies are gorgeous looking birds but those in my garden are a bunch of vicious squabbling bullies. Once, several of them were attacking one of their own. I threw stones at them to drive them off, then I called in the local bird man to take the injured one away. I'm shit scared of birds (especially dead ones; literally cannot stand the sight of them, gives me the shakes for hours afterwards) so couldn't go near the thing myself; I just stood guard at a distance till bird man turned up.
I like looking at birds and their antics, but only from a distance. Cassidy's the only bird who's managed to get as close as 6" to me without me totally freaking out. But that's my limit... even with Cassidy.
Madialette, I've had bird phobia since I can remember so have never seen Birds by Hitchcock, nor shall I. Don't mind bats swooping at me, though, or butterflies and moths, just birds.
Khoowla (private joke) that magpie definately has eye pecking in mind! Aussie magpies look loads more scary than pommie ones. Mine have gone now. I think I accidentally poisoned them with seriously overspiced homemade piccalilli I threw out. Only the magpies ate it.
I may not like them but I certainly didn't want to mass murder them. Apologies ghost magpies, I didn't mean it.
I've taken piccie of Cassidy, I'll post it as soon as my nephew gets around to showing me how to transfer photos from smart phone to laptop. Year 3000 at this rate.
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