Birds in the garden

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Lovely photos Greta. I have 4 foxes in garden but they didn't arrive until they were a bit bigger than that. I think their den is at the far end of the Cul de sac that backs onto my garden but they use my garden as their lounge. I sadly miss the nursery bit.
I had a fridge clearout yesterday in anticipation of my Tesco order arriving and I had a lot of cold meat left over out of date. I didn't want to give it to my dog as her tum is a bit delicate so although I don't usualy feed them, I left the meat out for the foxes. I waved the packet at the fox who was watching me from the end of the garden as I put it out.
I thought she would be down to collect it but instead as soon as I came back in about 20 large Herring Gulls swooped down all at once-gone.
My son loves birds. We even have an interactive bird game before his bedtime which he loves to:)


I live about 15 miles inland from the North Wales coast, but we get a lot of gulls round here.

It's very interesting to watch their behaviour, the way they hang around at Morrisons, and swoop on. Dropped edible shopping.or discarded take away containers of chips and pizza.

It can be quite scary if gulls swoop down on your BBQ. :-???
553 posts