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Birds in the garden

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Sajehar, you're doing fine with your photos. And what's happened to the blind disguise ones? I keep expecting to see Cassidy and friend, but nothing yet. Image

I've never dressed up as Genghis Khan, but I once had a wasp in the house giving me the evil eye. To remove it from the premises I draped every piece of bedding in the house over me, and added an open umbrella for extra protection. Sorry folks, no photos, so you'll have to rely on your imagination. Image
The reason i don't use a heater is mainly environmental. Several years ago i decided to cut out anything i did not 'need' in order to not take too much from our planet. It is my way of not making a great big western world sized eco footprint, not to use things such as washing machines, heating/cooling, dishwashers, etc. (A coat/hat/gloves/thick socks does me, so why waste the planet's resources being 1-2 degrees more comfortable...?)

I don't know much about window washing - I clean the inside with wet wipes or vinegar/water soaked sponge - but the window cleaner/rain do the outside...
Kowala, you read my mind. I too want to 'snap' Cassidy and his/her partner/progeny together. And I shall too... This is my dream, to follow my camera, not matter how hopeless, no matter how far...

Unfortunately, we've had really high winds for past few days, so I couldn't snap the buggers. However, it did mean whilst I had my 'training' stuff up (yup, for about 20 mins each day I did that, despite howling gales) I'm getting them used to moving snuggly thing. That means, hopefully, I can smoke a ciggie whilst waiting for them to land and snaffle the seeds.
I've been spying on the blighters... they are definitely getting used to my blind disguise!!!

Watch this space...

Now, about that window cleaner. I use Mr Muscle (but not very often.) Should I use vinegar and cold water and newspaper instead? My mum says I should, and she was right about the bread crumbs for the stuffing.
Madelette, loved your 'snuggly' stuff. You were more wrapped up than me. It works... to a point.
But there comes a point where it doesn't; that's why I fight the power companies. Like tying to take a decent piccie of the robin and family, I probably won't succeed. But that doesn't stop me trying.And having fun trying...
a great tit and a sparrow having a fight ,then it turns really nasty Image
That's horrible. They're not so different to us aka the Daily Hate.
sorry if it upset you sajehar ,i should have put up a warning that it was graphic.
One of my all-time favourites: lovely colours.


there is a parrot in new zealand's south island called the kea ,some of them attack sheep
and eat the fat on their backs Image
according to wikipedia one flew off with a scottish man's passport Image
I have met a few Keas in my long travels across the Sth Island, they are very determined birds. I have heard they will rip the canvas off a land rover if they smell food inside.
I'm envious of susieq being able to see hoards of colourful parakeets outside her window. Also, I'm envious of Koala, having such colourful birds down in her part of the world, not to mention the fabulous furry animals down there... koalas, possums, etc, such cute creatures! Mind you, I'm not envious about all the spiders they have "down under"... yikes, I'd not be able to cope with them!

We get a lot of robins in our garden, which are a welcome sight, but also some rather sinister crows, as one has a nest in a tree quite nearby. Crows give me the creeps, probably something to do with watching that old Hitchcock film "The Birds" years ago.
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