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Birds in the garden

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Whose Robin Gibb? I was trying to make a connection with Mel Gibbson.
Robin Gibb was one third of the Bee Gees (along with brothers Maurice & Barry)
Hi David C,
Yes I am back here in ole blighty. Been back over 3 years however can still remember the spiders - Huntsmen nice big buggers that were enormous.
One even chased me around my living room and I had to drop one of my stereo speakers on it to kill it as I was barefooted at the time.
I bought some spray that I used around the door, window frames and skirting and it was great because it kept all the insects out of the house.
I use a regular digital camera and no flash - but one with a high megapixel count - so the zoom can be used and the picture is still high quality.

What was originally an outhouse, became a darts room, dining room, store room, lounge, store room, and will become my read n relax room when i finish cleaning up/turning out/redeccing has a window that is directly opposite the bird table! I am going to do the room out with a bookshelf, alter, seating, etc and one of its uses will be to bird watch...with ID books on hand. So, maybe by Easter, it will be ready to roll!

We used to have kookaburras back in Wollongong.... I have a few shots of them on the pointsettia tree, hills hoist, carport roof....
song thrush,taken early 1980s.

OK, it's not the world's greatest photo, but it was taken on the spur of the moment early this morning with a smart phone through two panes of glass in very grubby French patio doors.
It's a start! Now where's my Mr Muscle window cleaner?


This ones almost as bad as the last one; but at least I'm trying!

Do smart phones class as digital cameras? There's a half day course end of Jan on how to photograph wildlife. It's only a tenner and I'm seriously tempted to go. all fees go to the RNLI, so even if I learn nothing my tenner will have gone to a good cause.


We are so very lucky, in our very modest Garden, to have our sanity saved on numerous occasions be an array of visiting wildlife, please let me indulge you in a few of them Image


OK JHR enoughs enough now but I'm sure you can see how these beloved creatures do indeed keep us sane in this world of non stop caring xxxxxxx



How do you get such clear photos? All mine are dead blurry, and not through lack of trying.
I'm sure that pesky robin is jinxing my lens. You're photos are ace (loved the one of the badger), I'm dead jealous!
Lots and lots of patience Sajehar and a reasonable DSLR camera with a long lens ( a present from my dear Aunty who I helped nurse through pancreatic cancer until she died 11 months after diagnosis). She was so very grateful for my help and support - and unknown to me she must have listened to me prattling on about not being able to take a decent photograph of the visiting wildlife she instructed my Uncle to purchase the camera for me. So you can imagine that camera is dear to me for so very many reasons. I took the photo's to share with my Dad who we ,at the end of his life, could not transport to our house so that he could sit and watch for himself. We are in the heart of an industrial area but luckily have a very beautiful park and surrounding woodland adjacent to our our garden so the wildlife comes from there. Last year we even had a Muntjac deer come a visiting (mind you he ate most of our bedding plants so we were glad when he took off elsewhere LOL). All the birds are confused with this weather, they are now in pairs and are starting their hunt for nesting areas, its just a tad too early we are still due some nasty cold spells but the poor things think it is already spring Image Image
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