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Birds in the garden

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I thought I'd start a thread on the birds we can see in our gardens, there may be some interesting regional variations around the UK, (I'm in Scotland so we get a few really unusual visitors like Waxwings, and we have Osprey nesting in the next valley) and from season to season. Here's a lovely bird that hasn't been since earlier this year: put out the peanuts and they will come!
just been watching the robins and blue tits having a go at the feeders I put up earlier this year; plus we have jays, magpies, pigeons (doesn't everybody !), crows and hundreds of 'feral' parakeets - they're all over this area, the result of a couple of escapees back in the 50's Image


What a great thread! My offering is a kookaburra, a rainbow lorikeet, and a cockatoo.


Our green woodpecker never lets me take a picture of him/her, however at certain times of the year it can be found pecking away at a particular spot in the garden, I think it's an ants nest. They've lived in the oak trees at the bottom of the garden since we moved here in 1976. We also have a pair of either kestrels or buzzards flying overhead, they live at the farm up the road where my son's friend lives, they circle, calling to each other. And a barn owl can often be heard at night, he lives at the waste recycling centre half a mile away - when they applied to extend, they had to make special provision for the owl!I My daughter in law's family have been beaters for a pheasant shoot for many generations, she's apparently related to most of the other beaters, and she is so much more observant than me. We have a spotted woodpecker on her nuts in winter. I live in the New Forest.
in may last year i was looking out the kitchen window ,i saw a sparrowhawk on the fence.
managed to get a few pics .
tried posting ,but they are too big Image .
a few years ago did manage to post a photo of a sparrowhawk munching on a collared dove just outside the kitchen window.
I have a resident robin called Cassidy who's the cockiest little feathered git ever. I'm more afraid of him than he is of me, as I'm terrified of birds if they get too close. When I'm sitting at my picnic table drinking coffee first thing in the morning, he flies down to join me, hopping about the table top snaffling up my toast/brioche crumbs. He follows me round the garden when I'm gardening, waiting for me to chuck him worms (lazy as well as cocky.)
I once found him in my room, hopping and spinning around all over my sofa bed like some demented avian whirling dervish. Did he panic and flap around in terror like a normal bird when I suddenly appeared. No he didn't; I did. I screamed and bolted into the garden, waiting for him to find his way out. 10 minutes later her did. Did he fly out? No, he walked/strutted/hopped out through the french doors like some birdy John Travolta from Saturday night Fever.
Dad & mum reckon I ought to train him to land on my hand using bread crumb trails. Not a chance of that happening. If anything, I reckon Cassidy is training me. He started off landing about 6ft from me, now he's down to 6"; but that's my limit. No closer, you little puff ball of feathers.
tried posting ,but they are too big Image .

Hi David: if you don't have image editing software, try this simple online tool: it works a treat: http://www.imageoptimizer.net/Home.aspx

By the way, loving the pictures everyone, I think the Aussie ones are the best so far, but I love the parakeet!
hi rob.thanks for the tip .
downloaded it ,trying to get it to work.
, but I love the parakeet!
you wouldn't if they flocked over your garden screeching at silly o'clock every morning (and by 'flock' I mean a hundred or so !)
as promised one sparrowhawk.
rob i could not get the software you suggested to work so i looked on line for one.
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