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strange health issue

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Thought i might come back to the forum for a bit of a de stress....

Way back last year i started having issues with my left foot , ignored this as i thought it was a trapped nerve and will sort its self out.. Over several months it continued to get worse , and was always told my local GP's surgery is to busy ,,, dr on holiday etc etc.
Anyways i finally see a Dr who done what tests he could ,, and he referred me to a neurologist.

Several months pass and i went to see her about 2 months back,,, , She is not entirely sure what is wrong , so arranged for me to have an MRI scan on lower spine,, Results show i have wear and tear that she puts down to my unusually tall height , was 6'6 . but supposedly i am now 6'7 when they last checked .
explains i may have more issues with lower back the older i get. And advised if i get a desk job in future my boss would have to purchase a specialist back support chair for my hight , and suggests i invest in a decent back brace if i go fishing from a boat or wading or doing exercise.
Then says this is not the cause of the problem you are having with your foot...

My left foot is numb from the big toe right down the entire inside edge , and above the big toe up to the ankle. but despite being numb , i often have sharp pains inside , best way to describe it ,, it's like someone is under the skin pulling everything in opposite directions, so i have been put on high strength Capsaicin cream.
several weeks back i spilt hot oil on my foot , and was unaware that i had done it.. last week i dropped an aquarium cabinet on it and did not notice . I only noticed when the cabinet wobbled and i tried to walk away lol.
as my Dr says ,, right now you could brake your foot and you would have no idea.

i am due back at the hospital tomorrow for an other MRI scan , this time it is the entire spine and a head scan..
and if the results show nothing to serious i am due to see the specialist in October ,, but the problem i have in October is the time 4pm ,,, not ideal when dependant on poor public transport , who will be on their "" winter time table "" or just about to go on to it.

i had to call the last time and explain i was not showing for my appointment , due to no public transport as the bus was fully booked according to their web site.
the receptionist understood and agreed to ask the specialist to call me back with the MRI results, in the mean time i had a call from a 2nd receptionist being snappy about wasting NHS time and not keeping appointments , i told her i just called 2 mins before and explained about being dependant on public transport .. her reply was "" dont care , bloody walk next time "" ,,, i smirked and said yeah sure i will just walk 20 miles to the hospital and 20 miles home :roll: :roll:
I hope you reported that receptionist. She's paid to help patients, not be rude! It indicates "an urgent need for further training" and I'd say until such time as she'd had the training, she was moved to a post which did not require her to talk to any member of the public!!!
reported it , but wont know if anything comes from it.

Just like last week mum got difficult receptionist at the local Dr's.
the receptionist told mum "" i wont give you an appointment , until you tell me what's supposedly wrong with you , i decide if you need a Dr or can wait for a while "" .
mum hung up and called at 1pm after lunch , and thankfully got a better receptionist.
James, I'd report that receptionist too! Does your surgery offer online appointments. Mine started this scheme a couple of years ago. I like being able to avoid the arrogant South African doctor I'm supposed to be registered with!
nope , the surgery only does appointments via phone.

press 1 for an appointment today ,,
press 2 for any other day,,

both take you through to the same phone at the reception anyway lol.

when i went to see my Dr about getting pain relief for the foot , i was originally told my dr is fully booked , then he is off on holiday for 3 weeks , then busy upon his return , then off again so soonest i could see him would be November :shock: ........
so i had to see an other Dr , when i went up , she had no idea why i was there because she had no time to read my notes.
Hello James

By any chance are you diabetic ? Only what you describe sounds very much like "Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy".
Could be worth mentioning when you next see the Doctor.
Hi James
Sorry I can't rmember your circumstances care wise but if you are main carer for anyone make sure thisis recorded officialy at the surgery.
Personaly i do find I get what I presume to be extra quick appointments due to my caring role- unless of course I am lucky with a super efficient surgery- but no I think things quickened up once I registered as a carer.
It will flag up on their computer once you are registered and they should hopefully spot it when you phone in.
If their carers go ill they get double the work so they should pull their finger out.
Hi Susie i have had blood tests done to see if i am diabetic , and the results came back negative.
the amount of people that are surprised i had to have bloods taken and sent away for a diabetes test , as most people say they have had it done right in front of them at there Dr's.

Henrietta , the Dr's are aware of my care role ,but they are not all that bothered and make zero lee way to help.
well actually 1 Dr has said she would see what help is around for carers in the area ... i already told her there is nothing , there is a care club run by the council BUT even they admit it would be a waste of time for me , as its mainly set up for over 50's.
Hi James,

Welcome back.

Keep us posted re your foot.

Did you ever resolve your "lump on the throat," issue?

Our doctors are rubbish now and my lovely GP took early retirement. I do debate swapping practises, but don't want a new doc to start messing with S's meds.
as its mainly set up for over 50's
Positively ancient people then! :shock: :roll: :lol:

I'm 64, and I'm STILL always the youngest person in the carers group. Everyone else have carees with dementia or elderly frail, whereas I have a son with severe learning difficulties. The only time I've ever felt supported locally by carers who understood was when I'd started a new charity for any special child in my area, 30 years ago. The problems of young mums are very different from those who are elderly too.