New here - Not sure anyone has any suggestions or options

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Hi All,

I'm new here, I used to be my Moms full time care until she died in 2013.

Now I find that it's me that needs the help, but I don't have anyone who will claim Carers Allowance & do anything for me. I have a few family local who are too busy to help as are the couple of friends I have.

Everyone has their own busy lives, which I understand but it leaves me stuck, I don't have the spare funds to pay a cleaner etc from my benefits and I'm not old enough to claim Attendance Allowance (I'm 53 next Friday)

I've racked my brain but come up empty............... help please.

Firstlly, you need to claim PIP, what used to be DLA. Then ask social services for a Needs Assessment.
Hi Angie,
Welcome back. Do you still have pet dogs?

I'm sorry to hear you now need help yourself. Everyone is so busy, I agree. If I needed regular support, I'd be in the same situation as you.

In some areas there is a skills swap organisation/ community, I just can't think right now what it's called. Folk swap help e.g. help with the cleaning could be swapped with something you are able to do.

Home share is another option, whereby someone lives with you at reduced rent in exchange for giving you agreed help.


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