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Thanks Sajehar- I knew I wasn't the only nutty one around. I revert to being five years old again at the mere mention of snow and jump up and down with excitement- I guess it comes from having lived in the most snowless zone of the whole country all my life, it comes but once a decade if we are lucky and once every 20 years it might last a day. We must have had about 7 inches this year - the deepest it has been since 1977.
All you snow lovers are barking ,no offence :D :D .Try getting from London SW1 back up to Enfield on a motorbike in a snow storm .
Anyone seen the clip of the Dorset plod in his van ? He winds his window down and leaves a sheet of ice behind ,then he sticks his head through it.
No thanks David. Be careful on a motorbike, in the New Forest there are some horrible potholes that would have someone off their 'bike.
Yes, very funny - but is it genuine? Why would the ice not stick to the window?
Definitely genuine, I wound my car window down and had similar ice but refrained from the head butting . The sheet ice was very strange around here, my dog hated the Friday as when she trod on the snow the sheet of ice on top cracked so it was like walking on broken glass.
Hi BB ,haven't got any motorbikes ,got rid of my two MZ's in 2011 ,having to look after Malcolm full time i didn't get the chance to ride it .The other one was in bits.
goodbye bike and little monsters 001.JPG
You can see all the bits of the other one on the ground.
Long ago, I used to ride a Yamaha RD 250, my husband had an Ariel Red Hunter. Sometimes we swopped. At temperatures of over 100 degrees, it was better on a bike than in a car. I usually wore hot pants and a midriff top, when we went for a swim. Those were the days!
Ariel Red Hunter, is that the one with the square block of 4 cylinders ?
No, that was the Ariel Square Four, I think. We also had a 1934 1,000cc BSA G14 Colonial model, with tank gearchange. It arrived, dismantled at our flat in Australia, restored in the spare bedroom!! We also had an EMC split single 2 stroke, after we sold it, it ended up in the motorcycle museum near Coventry.
81 posts