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It's a lot warmer down here in the New Forest now, all the snow has melted from my conservatory roof, and I can hear a steady drip drip in the down pipe. So hopefully the warmth will spread northwards for you tomorrow.
TINY bit less freezing this morning. Wind is gentler, less cutting, and shifting southwards. Oh, for a thaw!
Was I the only one who ejoyed it?
Just checked the weather for my area next week. No frost whatsoever forecast, but it's going to be wet, very wet!
Henrietta wrote:
Sat Mar 03, 2018 9:52 am
Was I the only one who ejoyed it?
Sajehar enjoyed it, too.

I enjoyed the first fall in December, but the novelty wears off. Difficult travelling, having to dig the car out etc This week has been bitterly cold at school and now we finally have snow again, all clubs and activities are cancelled which means S is anxious and loud and needs entertaining ... I think it depends on your situation. I'd rather have the start of spring.

We are thawing here! Slushy rather than frozen which is a relief.
I think I would have enjoyed it more if hadn't been under so much stress about getting stuck & not being able to get home to my mum who is chair bound & can't do anything for herself. Due to the risk of getting stuck, I haven't been able to visit my dad who is very ill in hospital a long way away.

Don't get me wrong, if I lived by myself with no one to worry about, I would've enjoyed it more :)
I haven't enjoyed it. I've been very grateful that I could ( can have the heating on for as long as I want. Very grateful hubby is being cared for in the nursing home. Enough food, teabags etc, and that my family have checked I'm ok. Bit fretful at not seeing hubby. Pleased with myself for sorting frozen pipe. Keep reminding myself that others are worse off.
Enjoy it????????????????????????????

Oh, good grief! It's been AWFUL!

I loathe this kind of weather - even 'ordinary snow' is bad, but this Siberian weather has been terrifyingly ghastly.

Thank God it's on the run now - and oh, for some mild soft westerlies up from the Caribbean....

I hate 'eastern weather' - high pressure oppresses me, and literally 'crushes' me I feel. And as for the cold, it eats into my bones.

I feel totally under siege, and can't do anything normal at all. Just wait till it finally passes, and we can get 'real' weather back.
It's much warmer here now we have proper snow and Storm Emma has moved on.

HOWEVER, it's now snowing and now all where we cleared ( apart from the pavement where we gritted is covered in the ruddy white stuff again. I can't bear another day stuck at home with S and no other social interaction.

Melly, going up to 5 degrees in West Midlands tomorrow with drizzle, warmer still during the week, so just think this is the last snow you'll see tonight.
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