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Glad to know I'm not the only one feeling it.
Had a hot chocolate with a slash of Bailey's in, just to help warm me up
I ended up with chilblains on my toes for first time this week :( I guess I have to be a bit more careful, dog walk done this morning and fortunately work got cancelled. I've got thermals on underneath and long socks- very glam.
I'm watching the traffic doing a stop start shuffle along the main road I live on- very unusual sight. It's only been inpassable to traffic once in the last 50 years, I wonder if we are heading for a second.

A normal winter's day ... in Finland ?

As Syd might have called out in those hazy daze ... " Careful with that axe , Eugene ! "

Ah , memories ... that's all that's left for many of us loners ?
Well we woke up to horrendous snow etc Tuesday morning. Took me a couple of hours to get to work. Was then worried about getting home to mum taking over from carers. Managed to dig myself out of works car park & get home. Haven't managed to get off my drive since.

It's been a complete nightmare this week. No trains or buses. Can't get off the island without risking not being able to get back. Drifting snow has affected main roads. Even the police got stuck & had to dig themselves out!

Can't visit dad in hospital, but he managed to call me on his mobile today, to say don't try & get up there (hospital is miles away) as people have been telling him how bad it is.

Had to get lovely boiler man out today, as no heating/hot water. He managed to sort it for me.
It's so cold here we made the news as the sea has frozen!

Honestly, this year has treated me so badly. At least mum is warm now. She's taken her blanket off I've had her wrapped up in.
Glad you got boiler fixed, Ree. Nightmare for it to breakdown this weather! I had my very old boiler replaced this summer, so glad I did now, it wouldn't have coped with this exceptional cold, as it was in the loft and had signs of corrosion.

After sub-zero temperatures all week and just snow flurries we now have a thin covering of snow. Nothing like the deep, fluffy snow we had in early December. Storm Emma is vicious, making it feel even more bitterly cold. On the way home from school yesterday the journey was treacherous as the wind had blown the grit off the roads. It keeps whipping up the fine snow, so there are mini drifts alongside bare Tarmac. It seems all the schools are closed and S's college and evening club too. The builders started work and were sent home. I don't know what the main roads are like today. It is very stark, none of the magic of snow - just a reminder of how powerful nature can be.

It's strangely quiet this side of Brum Melly. Almost as though something is brewing. The bus that takes me to hubby isn't running at all today. Along with several others. The winds were high last night. Blew my recycle bin over.
At least the pipe wasn't frozen this morning.
I can't find any mojo. Lots of things I could be doing.
Do hope everyone is keeping warm and comfortable.
I think we've all gone down into 'siege mentality' - we've hunkered down, priority is to keep warm, and we're waiting for it to 'blow over' so we can 'get back to normal'.

normal life is impossible, even if you are not stranded in a car in a snow drift etc.

It's just absolutely ghastly, and I feel SO sorry for the poor animals stuck in it. I am feeding my birds copiously (keep wishing they wouldn't waste precious energy chasing each other away!), but still feel bad they are freezing cold.

This ridiculous weather just makes me angry! It's so pointless!!!!!!
Sitting here with my fleece dressing gown on over jogging bottoms, fleecy socks and a fleece top with the heating on and STILL feeling cold :shock:

Did manage to get to the supermarket this morning as the main roads were clear, but it's now snowing again fairly heavily and all the tracks made earlier are already covered over.

Just seen next door's cat run along the pavement - I do wish she wouldn't go out and leave him no where to shelter :( I'd have him in here like a shot but suspect that I then wouldn't be able to get rid of him, plus not sure how Bertie would take to an interloper.
Well it is snowing properly here now too. Outside is beginning to resemble how it looked when it snowed in December. As it's really windy, it's causing drifts. Our classroom was really cold this week, especially in the mornings ( lower than it should be,) so home feels lovely and warm. We've had the heating on all day. I do layer up too though as S over-heats if the house is too warm so I'm wearing four layers!

I feel very sorry for those without electricity - total nightmare. I'm glad there are plans in place for the homeless and folk are remembering vulnerable neighbour's.

Your poor neighbour's cat, Susie. I hope he was trotting along the pavement to another home! Such a prolonged cold spell is very tough on nature, Jenny. If you spread the food out, do they still chase each other away?

Melly, I put the food out in little piles all across the garden, and yet they still rush towards each other to chase each other off! I mostly have SEVEN lovely male blackbirds - I'm assuming siblings, or they wouldn't tolerate each other at all! - and then some robins and sparrows. And HORDES of wood pigeons who roam en masse and descend. As do the sea gulls as well. In this dreadful weather I don't begrudge any of them.

It's just SO cruel, this vile weather. Poor, poor animals. I HATE the weather like this, just hate it. Hate it. How many animals will be dead by the time it's over? And the insects and plants, too.

I can't tell you how much I hate it! And if this is damn well global warming, I hate that too!
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