Bank branch closures

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What will happen when more branches close over the next five years?
Annoying isn't it Colin mine closed and I received a check two days later. It's taken me 3 weeks to get it to a branch 6 miles away (nearest one).
You can use the Post Office to pay chequers into some accounts
I find it really annoying. The two large towns near me are over run with visitors in the summer, but there were three smaller branches in the smaller towns which were so convenient, so I always used them in the summer.
M's staff are so useless with money that I always like to get a mini statement, as opposed to a mini balance, when he's home. He often comes home with as little as 18p for the weekend (yes, no pounds, 18 pence!!!).
Now the smaller branches have all gone, we are condemned to driving around, and around, and around, trying to find a parking spot. For various reasons I don't want to go into, I don't want to use internet banking for M's accounts.