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Today i received an email supposedly from Lloyds Bank asking me to update my account information - it really did look the real thing, the details like telephone numbers and address for Lloyds Bank are all correct but a couple of things caught my attention - at the top of the email in tiny letters it said that "Lloyds will always greet you personally using your title and surname and the last 4 digits of your account number or part of your postcode". Well firstly it was addressed to "Dear and my email address" and the four digits quoted have nothing to do with either my account number, card number or postcode !

I tried ringing my bank but couldn't get through so printed off the email and went in person. They confirmed it is a scam and asked me to forward the email to the scam email section (which I've now done). One other give away is that it's from a swiss email address (@bluewin.ch)
Thank you for the warning. So depressing.

The scam I hate is the one that I heard about on You and Yours, where the scammer phones 'from your bank' and tells you they need your account updated/blah blah blah, and then they tell you to phone your bank - on the number YOU always phone anyway.

So you do. And get through so you think to 'your bank' ...

BUT, it isn't your bank at all. It's still the scammers. They haven't hung up, even though you have, so you rae still on their line, and they mimic dial tone and ring tone etc etc, so you THINK you are phoning your bank, but you aren't....you are speaking to them still.

You and Yours played a recording of a victim talking to 'their bank' in that way, telling the person he was a scammer, etc etc, and the man replying sounded very convincing - it was scary.
If that ever happens to me i will say can i phone my bank on my mobile ,see how that sits with them .
I've had the scam TalkTalk phone call yet again today. I get so fed up with it.

I had the scam PayPal email last week asking me to update my details.
I get the PayPal one too Pennie - odd thing is that I've never, ever had a PayPal account :lol: :lol:
susieq wrote:I get the PayPal one too Pennie - odd thing is that I've never, ever had a PayPal account :lol: :lol:
I've had Lloyd's Bank and Barclays Bank scams and have never banked with them either. :roll:
If they send out a hundred million emails (and it is easy to harvest email addresses or even simply make them up randomly ) then the chances are that 99 million of them will be bounced right away. 900,000 will get removed through spam filters or be ignored as obvious spam, and another 99,000 will not be relevant - e.g marketing Viagra to spinsters or banking scams going to people with no account with that bank.

That still leaves a lot of people who might be scammed. And that's how it works, this whole thing is a massive timewaster. The simple solution I have found is to filter / redirect all my email through a free Gmail account, because Google know faster than anyone what spam looks like and simply divert nearly all of it to my spam-box.

Never, ever open an email from someone you don't know, and if you do by mistake, never click on the link because that is how you will download a virus that can take over your computer.

Free antivirus software is available from AVG anti-virus - it will warn you of malicious code and neutralise it. http://www.avg.com/gb-en/free-antivirus-download
Thank-you Scally. As you may have read I nearly fell for the virgin media scam. It was so convincing. I needed an updated antivirus system.
An updated antivirus program won't help, Pet!
Greta. Need my wit's about me! Good job I felt uncomfortable about it when started updating. As the antivirus download is free I've got it now.
Worrying how many people who are going through difficulties in life would fall for scams. I'm usually very wary. Since hubby's diagnosis and all the heartache of him going to the nursing home I feel more vulnerable. Suzieq s warning post popped into my head as well and made an alarm bell ring. Xx