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Baby\disabled person alarm

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Can anyone recommend a baby alarm type system so my husband can just shout in the night if he needs me (we sleep in seperate rooms) or that I can take into the garden with me He wont wear a buzzer on his wrist or around his neck a two way one would be good if possible but I dont need a video link.

We do have an alarm that goes to a call centre this one is simply for if he needs pain relief or help to the bathroom at night which I can do.

Also can anyone tell me when summer is coming or have I missed it?
One possibility is a doorbell system. We've talked about it recently but I can't find the messages.
Look for 'wireless doorbell', online or probably places like B & Q. They come with three sections and you can set it up so that your husband has the bell push and you put two receivers in other rooms. You don't need to attach them to anything, it's really simple. My brother has one to call me because I wouldn't hear him at night.

This isn't quite what you asked for. Your husband would have to press a button, but you could carry the receiver in your pocket. It isn't two-way.
Thanks Greta wishing you well
another option would be to use walky-talkies. only thing is that you do sometimes get interference from other users.
Hello b r wade. I have a wireless door bell system with 2 plugs. I move one of them round with me when needed. Seems to work well. Am sure a good alternative for you to consider. I saw a Motorola baby alarm in boots that seemed reasonable. Hope you find what you need.
PS my circumstances are different to yours as I now live on my own. Xx