Arson and criminal damage last night

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Hiya and hugs from me too. How horrible for you. I suppose there is some comfort in the theory that it wasn't 'personal'. The idea that someone was 'out to get you' would be unbearable. I hope the guilty are apprehended and I hope they can be brought to realise the damage isn't solely to property but that people are hurt too. Thank goodness, this time, not physical.
Perhaps your husband would recall fireworks and accept an explanation of a firework starting a fire which meant you had to leave the house. (Kind lies to alleviate stress?) Will he remember the incident for long? I hope everything is sorted soon.
Hi Rosemary ,glad you are unhurt ,hope they catch the bas,you know the rest ,who did it.
Hope things will get back to normal soon, Rosemary, and that hubby has calmed down some...
Hi Rosemary,
I spotted this on facebook, but there was no information as there is on here. Also I couldn't reply sooner as I was locked out of the forum for some unknown reason.

I hope John's calmed down now and your soon back to normal. I hope the assessor does his/her job properly and you are thoroughly re-embursed for all this shocking upheavel.
It looks as if there was a pile of rubbish to be set on fire. Your garden is so lovely after all that hard work you did.

Take care Rosemary, were all here thinking of you. :)
Thank goodness you are ok - "things" can always be replaced but people can't. Hope the scumballs who did this get caught or that karma bites their bums! Young Rob says to tell you he was asking after you Rosemary.