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Arson and criminal damage last night - Carers UK Forum

Arson and criminal damage last night

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Police been - last night was arson and criminal damage - ours and next door. Just glad no-one hurt. Quite a bit damage and insurance company sending assessor out.


That's terrible Rosemary :( Any idea why you were 'targeted' ?
Oh poor you Rosemary- that looks really frightening. Hope the catch the -----probably can't type what I'm thinking.
Sorry to hear this.
Might have been twelve year olds.....and that too would be sad, shocking, scary, worrying.
(Sorry not detracting from your loss just thinking about back picture, as I do, worry about perpetrators too and the why's and wherefores)if you see wot I mean.

You keep safe now.
((( hugs))) Rosemary. Hope you are ok?
How very very frightening. I do hope that the criminals can be identified (and prosecuted). I believe that ''fires leave fingerprints' and there is quite a lot that can be deduced from the damaged areas.

this might sound odd, but I'm glad it wasn't 'just you' that was targeted.

Kindest wishes at such a horrible time for you - Jenny
How awful.


(((HUGS))) from me too. Mindless vandalism.
Thanks for your concern everyone.

Although it was a deliberate act, police don't think we were targeted for any personal reasons, if that makes sense. They have had other random acts spread across the area in last few months. Apart from all the calls and visits from police and local rag, biggest thing had to cope with was hubby. His alzheimers been much worse since last night. He couldn't understand why we had to vacate house when it was as late and dark.

x x
Oh Rosemary, I do feel for you. Having a hubby with vascular dementia, I understand how difficult it must be for you, coping with your husband being more confused.
We were burgled before my husband had his last stroke. I now know that the dementia was setting in before that but the burglary shook him to the core( where as normally he would have coped ). I'm convinced the shock caused the stroke and decline.
So very sad for you xx