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Keeping busy in the daytimes, doing horseshoes again.
Just completed my first one of the new batch - a generic Wedding one. Just need to price it up in a bit.

Having lunch, then going to do a Christmasey one (Christmas bits at discount in Hobbycraft last week!).
Then a baby congratulations one, then it'll be time to stop for a bit.

Taking pics along the way, which I'll post up later, when I've got a few to post.

Doing them up as examples, as I personalise every single shoe I do, so hardly any two are the same (unless specifically requested).
They sound lovely, looking forward to seeing some photo's.
Ground to a halt now, need more ribbon, forgot how little I'd got on Thursday. Luckily in town we have a tiny, weenie old fashioned sewing shoppe.

I'll go for a snowy walk tomorrow instead.
That sounds an unusual hobby Nana. How did you come to be makeing those, and do you sell them at craft fairs? Would love to see some photos too. It's nice to have something crafty to do on these cold evenings. I used to enjoy knitting, and am trying to pick that up again, but I'm finding my hands are a bit rough these days. Image
Ok then - a friend has horses and a wedding carriage business (her husband drives the carriages) and she used to give a horse shoe (from one of theirs obviously) to the bride and groom. I suggested she tarted them up and made them more attractive and started to do some for her with ribbons and silk flowers etc, but then she decided that she could do that herself and told me to stop doing them. In other words, she'd picked my brains and then went off with my ideas.
By then, I'd got a few of her horses' shoes left over, so carried on decorating them, but for other occasions and went round the craft fairs with them, until we moved here.
I left it for years, due to the work needed on this place, PA's, life dramas etc etc. but then my auntie had heart attack whilst on hols in (then)Yugoslavia, so I sent her a 'Welcome Home' horseshoe, decorated with seashells, for when she returned home (to seaside town in Suffolk - hence the seashells). Hope you're getting the picture here.
I did eventually run out of friend's horses' shoes, but on holidaying in Norfolk and visiting the National Racing Museum in Newmarket, I had the idea of visiting one of the many farriers in the town and asking if I could have some of their used, discarded shoes. One of them let me load up 3 boxfuls from his scrapheap. Lightweight, aluminium, shining ones which will never go rusty and would be easier to carry or to hang on a wall. I also have 3 shire horse shoes, but they're so huge and heavy, that I don't know what to do with them. They've been in the box for years and I'm stumped!
Daughter's wedding in 2011? I made her one and covered it with pressed hedgerow flowers and other bits. An ex-boyfriend's (hers) sister had a birthday shoe, with little toy plastic ponies and silver cake horseshoes over it. Joyful friend's son is farmer, his wife has horses - theirs was half covered with cows and tractors and half covered in toy horses and the rest of it was covered with dry cereal stems which I'd gathered from the field over the road. Etc etc etc.
I cannot find anybody, anywhere (eBay, craft fairs etc) who actually personalises decorated horseshoes, with little things appertaining to the receiver (cows, tractors, musical instruments etc). They are unique to that person and nobody else in the world will have one like it. That's what I like, too, the searching around for 'little' things which make them special to that person. Cake decoration things are good, cos they're not too big and just the right size to be wired onto the shoes. Then I back them with a piece of felt, so that they stay clean against people's clothes and walls.
How very interesting Nana. Thank you so much for telling me all that. I thought you were cutting them from thick cardboard and covering them. Didn't realise you were using actual horse shoes. That is a realy lovely idea, and yes, very unique. I would think you could market them very well on Ebay, but have never sold anything on there myself. I can see how its possible to use the silver metal ones which were given you, but it must be difficult with the old rusty ones, but never the less, still very appealing.
When we moved to our house many years ago, I found an old rusty horse shoe in the garden, and it still leans against the bottom of our outside door to this day. The times I've dislodged it, and swept it away whilst cleaning up, but never had the heart to get rid of it. I'm sure your horse shoes would be just as sentimental to anyone receiving one. Well done for having the idea, and for your continued enjoyment in the craft. Looking forward even more to seeing some pics now.
That sounds amazing nana. Ive never come across anyone who does that either. I would love to see some photos Image
I remember you telling us about your horse shoes before Nananana but didn't know how it all came about - thanks for sharing. I too am really looking forward to seeing your photos, will you post them on this thread? I don't want to miss them Image
Nananana you've found a niche in the market, something no one else does. Patent the idea and in a few years you could have a sizeable business going Image
When I had horses there was a girl that I used to ride with that did what you are doing with the horseshoes, I have no idea whether she ever used to sell them or whether she still does it as it was many years ago.
They were lovely and everyone who had one as a gift treasured them and I'm sure people feel the same about yours Nananana.