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Are hoildays worth it? - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Are hoildays worth it?

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I think holidays are worth it, although I always feel I need another one to recover when I get back! Image Mum is very keen on having a routine and knowing what is going to happen - a bit difficult to always achieve! If she wants to go away we always go to Scarborough to the same flat. She always seems 'better' when she is away as a lot of her delusions are tied up with the neighbours and what they are up to. If she does not want to go away, I try to go to the Lake District for a few days - so far have always managed to get Social Services to provide extra care. This is a proper break for me - a nice environment and no cooking, cleaning, etc. It is stressful for my mum to be left on her own with just visits, but so far I have always managed to insist on having a few days away. In my case I feel the benefit of a holiday a little while after - when my mum has recovered from me being away. It is always something pleasant to look back on. Image
Just got our passports today so now no excuse, we can go abroad.

Son in NZ is all hiped up and begging us to go down there for three months!!!
I cant see Jill coping with it though. All that flying. It would even bu**er me up I know plus the jet lagg.
Mother is it worth it I wonder. Would love to go though. Image
Go Pete!!!!
My aunt went out to see her son is Oz the year before she died and she had a brilliant time Image
my Mum's elderly cousin went to Canada to visit her younger son and his family. She had never flown before,and met up with another lady of a similiar age on the plane.THey had a drink to give them a bit of dutch courage and then had another one or two Image Image Her son picked up a very sleepy mother from the airport!She had a wonderful time out there once she had sobered up!
Pete,you go if you and Jill can get up the courage to do it, it will be a wonderful experience for you both.xx
Jill's actually talking about us going for Christmas this year, even though she dosen't feel to well at the mo'.
I'll have to start saving as flights would cost between £1600/£2000 as far as I can see.
Son says if we can get out there, then he would pay for the internal flights from Auckland, North Island to Nelson South Island and back and pay for everything else while we were out there. I wouldn't let him pay for all that though.

It'd be a nightmare if Jill got sick again like this Christmas. Image