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problems with neighbour

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hi all its been going on for some time with my neighbour,The lady moved in and becuase she doesn't know nothing about me and is curious to why i dont work?Ive not told anyone why i dont work becuase my disability has nothing to do with anyone in my street,My husband is my carer and i feel the need to rant today so sorry everyone,
The problem we have is we had a drop kerb and driveway done by adult social services years ago for me and now my horrible neighbour that feels the need to harass me what she does his drives up the road then just before our property she mounts our drop kerb and drives all way up the road to her house then she drives off the public path to reverse back into her house.But the problem is she has nearly hit me a few times coming out of the drive way becuase you just wouldn't think about stopping and looking down the road for cars driving up on the path,She has done this all the time and im not fast on my feet or my brain just doesn't react quickly,Could i get highways to fit a bollard or something to the side of the drop kerb to deterent her from doing this i dont feel safe stepping out on to the path outside?
http://www.pedestriansafety.org.uk/foot ... ality.html

The House of Commons Transport Committee Report (2019)

Published in 2019, this states (p16) [1]
33. Driving onto the pavement is illegal and, in almost all cases, vehicles parked on the pavement will have been driven onto the pavement in breach of this law. It is unclear how widespread public awareness is of this offence.

It is illegal but I suspect difficult to enforce. You should talk to your local police station and social services for assistance. I guess taking a video or recording this might be difficult. And would not necessarily help in the first instance. You may need someone in authority to mediate for you.
Definitely a film record would be best evidence. I wonder if any of your friends or family have a motion activated camera? Does she do it the same time of day?
There was a case recently in our village, where a motorist living in a cul-de-sac regularly drove over the paved area at the blind end to take a short cut to a through road. The police found out and visited to motorist "to give advice". I gather the practice has stopped.

Yes, definitely inform the police, give photographic evidence if possible and say you fear for your safety.