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Mary, there's some good online jigsaws, especially for tablets. Best of all no space need or dropped pieces. :) I like one called Real Jigsaws, but be careful of some others and check they don't ask for unnecessary permissions or payments
Thank you Mrs A - I do not have a tablet, but I do have 2 desktops for my work - can one do jigsaws on desktops or do they stop me working like online scrabble does? :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
I really admire people who can sew. I've tried but things just come out looking unusable and when I say I've tried I really mean just mending things.

To me reading is like breathing. I couldn't live without it but I can't count it as a hobby. I read loads and I cover most genres apart from historical. i also try to have one serious book on the go. Being a bit of a geek I'm reading the Quantum Universe by Brian Cox.

I'm also thinking about getting a dog. I've never had one and I'm nervous about taking the plunge. i've always thought I'd get a rescue dog but my husband has his heart set on a Cavapoo. They're completely adorable and I'm coming round to one. They all have waiting lists though as puppies from good breeders are very sought after.

I'd still like a proper hobby. I've tried bead making and a few other things. At the moment I'm getting into baking. Fortunately I have two grown up sons still living at home so everything I make gets eaten no matter how badly it turns out. I made the Mary Berry lemon drizzle cake on Sunday. I doubled the recipe but it was still all gone in a day. Better than it hanging around in a tin though.

Any other hobby suggestions willingly received.
Puppies are adorable, but very hard work and destructive! You may find a 'used' cavapoo or similar as they often have older owners who have to give them up.

I like learning new things and find the free online courses from Futurelearn every good. I've done cybersecurity, manage your investments, maths puzzles and internet of things!!

I also find yoga and dance very theraputic because I have to concentrate to the exclusion of anything else. Good for de-stressing.

We did have a 'What am I reading' thread but it petered out. Maybe we should start a new one. I'm trying to track down a copy of Handmaids Tale as I enjoyed the recent tv series
Does anyone else have a lot of stuff relating to a hobby which they never quite get round to?
I like necklaces which go with various outfits, and decided if I can sew, I should be able to make my own necklaces, just the length I like. So I've spent a lot of time gathering together all the bits and bobs I need, I've bought necklaces with beads I like in charity shops, only the wrong length, but I never quite get round to making my own necklaces!
Maybe BB it's because you spend so much time trying to sort out all of the incompetencies to do with Ms care package.!!
Yes, really quiet time here seldom happens but for various reasons I'll be here alone over the bank holiday, so I'll certainly be sewing. Probably eating on my lap or at the garden centre so I can use the kitchen table for cutting out!
Maybe incorporate making those lovely necklaces. Lo,l I bet you don't!!
Maybe a challenge like that is just what I need?
77 posts