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Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
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I like cake!
Yoghurt cake sounds yummy
Sally_17031 wrote:Hi Mary

Here is the recipe for Yogurt Pot Cake.

Preparation 10 minutes - Cooking 30 mins - Oven temp 200-220°c, gas mark 6-7
You will need one, oiled/greased loaf tin
1 natural (unsweetened) yogurt (125g)  (use the pot as a measure)
2 pots of self raising flour
2 pots of sugar
0.5 pot of vegetable oil
3 eggs
tsp vanilla essence

There is no real method, you empty the yoghurt out of the pot into a bowl and then use the pot to measure out the other ingredients into the same bowl. Mix it together to make a cake batter. Pour into a loaf tin and cook for around 30 mins (my oven is a bit fierce, so I cook at around 180 degrees c for a bit longer). You can also add a pot of choc chips or blueberries or anything else to flavour it if you like. Or the juice and zest of a lemon is also nice.

Happy cooking!
Sounds really yummy - thank you for that - Liv and I will def try it out next time she is over - and let you know how it goes..... thanks again xx
chillilover wrote:I really admire people who can sew. I've tried but things just come out looking unusable and when I say I've tried I really mean just mending things.

To me reading is like breathing. I couldn't live without it but I can't count it as a hobby. I read loads and I cover most genres apart from historical. i also try to have one serious book on the go. Being a bit of a geek I'm reading the Quantum Universe by Brian Cox.

I'm also thinking about getting a dog. I've never had one and I'm nervous about taking the plunge. i've always thought I'd get a rescue dog but my husband has his heart set on a Cavapoo. They're completely adorable and I'm coming round to one. They all have waiting lists though as puppies from good breeders are very sought after.

I'd still like a proper hobby. I've tried bead making and a few other things. At the moment I'm getting into baking. Fortunately I have two grown up sons still living at home so everything I make gets eaten no matter how badly it turns out. I made the Mary Berry lemon drizzle cake on Sunday. I doubled the recipe but it was still all gone in a day. Better than it hanging around in a tin though.

Any other hobby suggestions willingly received.
I'm impressed with your choice of reading. I LOVE Brian Cox, but I get completely lost with his TV shows! Physics was never my strong point!

Our dog was a recent acquisition, it has been hard work and I think almost a bigger adjustment than having children, but she is a total joy and I wouldn't be without her. Definitely a good sign if a breeder has a waiting list. I don't know much about Cavapoos apart from the fact they don't shed, which can only be a massive blessing! We had to buy a special animal hair hoover to cope with the stupid amount of hair that comes off our dog and even so I am constantly knee deep in hair!
bowlingbun wrote:Sewing, sewing, sewing, followed by..more sewing!
I always used to have a "strictly one at a time" rule for sewing, but am ashamed to say that I have a lot of things that either need a binding, a zip or buttonholes to finish them. My main machine for buttonholes has been away for service, but is now home again.
I'm trying to absolutely perfect invisible zips - I'm really good at the sort you can see, but not the invisible ones, so I'm waiting for absolutely uninterrupted calm (!) one day so I can really concentrate on getting them right.
Then I'll have masses of new things for my holiday in September, including 2 wrap skirts, 2 skirts with 8 sections to the skirt, 2 new dresses and 2 blouses. All in light cotton so will weigh next to nothing. Thompson have a very miserly baggage allowance of 15kg for the hold bag and 5kg for the cabin bag, which must contain any handbag or electronic devices!!!
I am impressed by your sewing efforts, what an amazing thing to be able to whip up a whole holiday wardrobe! Where are you off to?
I'm off to Majorca, near Alcudia. I cared for mum, and after she died she left me enough money so I can afford two holidays a year. I'm aiming to swim in all the best beaches in the Med, as I love swimming, having been brought up near Bournemouth. However I prefer it warmer, especially after living in tropical Western Australia for 3 years.
That was where I became keen on sewing, simple dresses, very short sleeveless, so super easy.
I am a genealogist and trace other people's family history, BUT

On Sunday , I decided to have a look at my own again - not having done any work on it for about 8 years...

Mum - very English - married into an Irish family but did not actually like the Irish " I married your father not the rest of them!"

Mum, I wish I could tell you - but I have found three more Irish lines in my family - and they are all on YOUR side! I have also found an MP, a 'Sir', the founder of the Lancashire Football Association, an eminent doctor and all very wealthy with huge houses ( what happened?) two of which are now hotels and restaurants - oh, Mum, if you were still here you would be strutting about over them - but the Irish?? You kept that quiet!!! :huh: :huh: :huh:
LOL, I love genealogy, I did some research for others for a while but I wasn't organised enough to make it pay. One thing perhaps I will dable with again when circumstances change.
Talking of family history, I was dabbling a week ago or so back looking on line into a name that my father keeps calling out. One of my fellow ferrets tracked him down and rang him up, so althought I did actualy have his number we'd never spoken before as he lost touch with Dad about 50 yers ago. The outshot of all this is that cousin is coming round to see Dad this afternoon with his daughter so I've been digging out the masses of family history papers, old photographs and compiling a list of unanswered questions in the hope he can fill in some gaps. I'm keeping my fingers crossed Dad has a good hour or two and not one of his scatty afternoons.
Oh, I hope that goes well for you.... let me know how the afternoon turns out!
Hello all, my first post on here--just joined and found this to be the most interesting thread. I read as well, but it can get lonely with little interaction with other people. Friends and family no longer visit, they used to at first. I want to start a group where I can meet others in the same boat and we can talk about anything not to do with being a carer.
Hi Sumatra and welcome
Our roll call thread was original supposed to be a more general thread, though caring does tend to intrude.
https://www.carersuk.org/forum/social-a ... 07#p375407

There's other general topics here too
https://www.carersuk.org/forum/social-a ... -chit-chat

Feel fee to start up any threads yourself

As for nothing to do with caring www.futurelearn.com has loads of free on line course with interaction from people all over the world. I'm currently doing oceanography, not a carers woe in sight :)

If you need real people have you tried finding your local carers support group? ours runs coffee morning, pamper sessions and meals

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