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Anyone studying?

Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
I did Beginners Spanish with Future Learn in the summer and was 75% through it and Mum wasn't well and it got pushed to one side. However, It's open ended so as soon as I've got time again I hope to pick it up again. It's also free which is wonderful.

I did enjoy it and it took my mind off my duties as a carer for a while. I met a young Romanian woman in our local bakery who speaks 10 languages and Spanish is one of them so I try and chat to her in Spanish every time I go in, even if it's only asking for bread rolls, how are you and thanks and goodbye! :lol:
Hiya peeps

I am trying :dry: to do a unit (1 of 2) of a 'SVQ' (similar to NVQ to 'rest of UK' friends). Not exactly most onerous coursework load ever, with project 40 hr study for whole unit (assessment is 1000 word essay and 1500 word portfolio :pinch: ) but I am really struggling to get essay done despite being signed off from work at moment.

Its all long way when was a full-time student in '90s, footloose and fancy-free.....

I am really hoping that my mum will start back at day centre this week so I can get bit peace get on with it!

F x
I agree with what you say Linda, I try to paint when I have free time, art seems to be therapeutic, my Mum (whom I care for) has colouring books and she seems to find them relaxing, as to me I'm more in the Salvador Dali camp than the John Constable but that's just me, I worked for the Civil Service for many years, that was a bit surreal, perhaps that's where I got the taste for it from!!
I have just finished (handed in my dissertation last week) a masters in antiques which was a distance learning course run by the university of Central Lancashire. I absolutely loved doing it and I was able to put in a little bit of time here and there when I could. There was just one fixed point each week which was a Skype tutorial, but my tutor was flexible enough to work round any emergencies I had. I'm going to really miss it. I tried a few futurelearn courses first to see how online studying worked and they were good too, but there wasn't the regular tutor contact which i liked on my masters course.
I am in my 2nd year of a degree, health and social care with the Open University
I am enjoying it so far no exams but end of year essays.
Its mental health and caring topics at the moment.
There are many courses available at colleges and OU, look at local colleges and Adult learning, this may help you.
If you are still unsure what to study you could consider what interests you and look at what you are good at what are your likes and dislikes.
Carers have developed many personal skills and you will have many skills that you may not realise but thses can be used when taking on courses.
Sorry it is a late reply but I have not had chance to get on this web site for a while.

I'm the kind of person that doesn't want to sit still so when I had to give up work for my wife's care I wanted to fill my spare time with a purpose to keep motivated.
I'm studying from home while full time caring for my wife and our 2 kids. (not easy) but after 2 years am working on my final assignments for a level 6 city and guilds degree in (believe it or not) video game design and development. I hope to one day, when I can return to work, go to a game development studio.
Is anyone else doing any unusual courses?