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Anyone studying?

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Just wondered if any of you found time to study whilst caring? Are you studying anything for work, for a hobby, personal interest or development?
I keep thinking I should be doing something (although never have the time) but not sure what. I could study caring but too much of that in my life already, done O and A levels plus 4 year professional course for a profession I don't want to return to. Nearer retirement than school age and one day may be in a position to do a job I like rather than have to do or am expected to do----but what to study? I am pondering
Not studying just now but I did do an HNC in Accounting, an HNC in Administration and Information Management and a BA Law degree whilst caring but that was a few years ago now! I did start off doing Law with Business but I couldn't stand the Business students - they thought they were in The Apprentice and were so up themselves so I just did Law and I loved it especially the research side of it where I could just work away on my own with a big pile of Law books beside me

I have a friend about to retire from a very interesting job, who is now studing City and Guilds for knitting. She holidays at the same hotel as me in Crete, and her work is exquisite. She knitted some 2 ply shawls for the bridesmaids at her daughter's wedding, so light and fine, unbelievable. So maybe if there is a craft you enjoy, why not think of something along those lines, rather than a formal qualification for something academic?
I've just completed my first short, free, online course with FutureLearn. Thoroughly enjoyed it and am already on the second.
Run by Universities and other notable institutions they are Moocs, massive online open courses so any one any where can join.
Mine started with 6000 registered, a couple of thousand of whom started on time and about 300 who added comments. Some are still to finish it and others have downloaded it to do later.
Wide range of courses , some very scientific looking, others more general.
I did 2 weeks on The Power of Social Media. Very thought provoking.

Easy to access online so do at your pace when you can.
Hmmm.yep, good
futurelearn is great, I agree......small chunks but huge variety of subjects. At least worth a browse at subjects Henrietta for inspiration.

IN any case Good on You for pondering!!! Education should be lifelong after all. Open receptive minds etc etc . U3A

Music? languages? 8-)

Ps any study will or should impress a potential future employer, no doubt you are aware of that. (Struggling tonight...have left not one but two pairs of specs behind today....to be collected tomoz when I retrace so I hope not too many typos tonight.)
Thanks all for suggestions, will take a look at Future Learn soon. Not really a night owl but sitting downstairs to see if my dog will settle. She keeps asking for the garden- hope it wasn't the chicken I gave her. Nope back to the garden..... :roll:
I am ashamed to say i am an Open University drop out ,the first course was mid Victorian Britain ,i passed that one ,then my dad died and i came back to Shropshire ,i am more ashamed to say i still own they a small amount of course fee ,only around £58 ,but i told they i didn't have any money .
I wonder if i offered to pay the £58 if they would let me study with them again ,not sit down exams .My niece used to study with them and there were no exams involved .
Hi David,
That sounds an interesting course - I like the history of the Victorian period. I'm sure they would accept your payment and let you back on their system. It would clear your conscience anyway if you can afford it now.
I did OU some years ago and would definitely look at it again. Did cost though.
Six years ago I came across something on line that said 'anyone can draw and paint' surely not I thought? having always wished to be artistic but lacked the skill. I spent those years practicing and trying to draw portraits, loads of books and on-line courses.. this year I tried my hand at landscape painting and have finally found my niche, I love it and painting takes away the rest of life for a while, so is ideal. I am lucky enough to have my own little art space and can retreat to it if I get any free time. Next year I plan to send the hubster out with his camera so I can paint my own scenes, and give him a break from his job too.